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Testimonial from Zazzle

Posted by Administrator on 1/24/2012 to Articles

While many of our Comfy Sacks dwell in dorms, basements, media centers, and even living rooms, they are also prevalent in the workplace. Sometimes employees need a comfy place to crash during their break. Placing a few Comfy Sacks in the common area adds a fun, casual element to the office and offers employees an invitation to relax when they need to clear their heads.

One particular corporation recently bought a load of Comfy Sacks for its headquarters. This company, Zazzle, is known for its online customization of various products, from tee shirts to coffee mugs. The Zazzle brand strives to create a down-to-earth, inviting work environment as a means of encouraging employee satisfaction and devotion. Now that Zazzle is supplied with Comfy Sacks, employees have spaces to use as casual meeting spots, workstations, and just about any purpose.

How does Zazzle like the new additions to the office? Read the employees’ testimonial:

We searched high and low for the perfect solution to complement our unique office space, and I’m very happy to report that our Comfy Sacks have exceeded our expectations. The construction quality, attention to detail and outstanding customer service have made us true believers. Adding them to our office has single-handedly revolutionized our ability to create small, comfortable and most importantly, mobile conversation areas. We’ve even had employees purchase them for home use. We’re all huge fans!

Zazzle isn’t the only company that has invested in Comfy Sacks for the office. We’ve also had orders from Apple, Amazon, Groupon, and more! If your company is interested in purchasing Comfy Sacks, look at the options available on our website. We’ll even ship you free fabric samples to help you decide which color and texture will work best in your office.

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