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Foam Chairs

Foam bean bag chairs have grown in popularity over the past decade; originating from the bean bag chair. The technology used in Comfy Sacks foam sleeper chairs provide a comfort that is unlike any other piece of furniture available on the market.

Foam Bean Bags

The old beanbag chairs used to be loud and often times break; leaving a plethora of static beans lingering through the house. How many times do you recall plopping down in an old bean bag and sinking to the floor? Unfortunately the styrofoam beans lost their fluff, flattening over time and leaving the once plump bag ready for the next the trash pickup.

Comfy Sack offers you a new "memory" foam chair alternative that is made of only the best quality materials. Our shredded polyurethane stays plump and continues to provide your body a relaxing environment for years to come. If you've never experienced a Comfy Sack you haven't experienced true pleasure! You have a variety of fabrics and colors to choose from; including red, navy blue, brown, tan, grey, black and green.

The New Foam Chairs

Once considered a novelty for children; the new foam chairs from Comfy Sack are enjoyed by the young and old alike. Children enjoy them because they're fun, adults enjoy them because they are durable, made of the best quality materials and provide extreme comfort. More and more senior citizens are using the therapeutic benefit that foam bean bag chairs provide; as an alternative to recliners that allow limited movement. Comfy Sack's are available in a variety of sizes including 3.5ft, 5ft, 6ft, 7.5 ft and 8ft. Comfy Sack's foam chair are used as beds, sleeper chairs and are enjoyed by children & adults!

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