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Easy as 1-2-3

Your Comfy Sack will arrive via Fedex Ground in a large cardboard box.

  1. Remove the cover and liner (filled with foam) from the box.
  2. Make sure to keep the liner closed while you break apart the large chunks of foam. This will get oxygen to the foam which helps the foam expand back to it's original shape. (The foam is already shredded so you don't need to manually rip the foam apart but simply release it from its compressed state)
  3. Massage the foam to ensure all large chunks are completely broken apart. Take your designer cover and match the seams of the cover and the liner and enjoy! It will take several days to a full week for your Comfy Sack to expand to it's full size.

Important Note about our Liners:

All our inner liners (not covers) have locking zippers that are used for safety reasons. The liner zipper may have no pull tab on the zipper for this reason. If you would like open the liner to access the foam, simply insert a paper clip into the zipper to disengage the safety locking mechanism. The liner zipper can always move forward (to close the liner) but in order to open the liner you must have the zipper disengaged using a paper clip.

Comfy Tip?

Many customers have found it very helpful to simply remove the product from the box and let it sit for a full day without breaking up the foam. This allows the foam some time to start the expansion process on it's own so you don't have do all the work! Depending on how long the foam has been compressed, the foam may need some help to get the expansion process started. To expedite the expansion process make sure the foam is broken down into golf ball size pieces and for the first week rotate and fluff once or twice a day. While this process may sound complicated, it is both fun and not difficult to do.

Above all enjoy your Comfy Sack!

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