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Never Tested On Animals, Often Tested By Animals

Posted by Administrator on 12/29/2023 to Articles
We’re animal people. The furry friends that inhabit our homes become more than just companions- they’re family! So when we developed the design for each Comfy Sack, we made sure to keep our loyal pets in mind. We receive photos all the time that show happy dogs and cats relaxing, snoozing, or playing on Comfy Sacks. Apparently they appreciate comfort just as much as humans do.

Best Bean Bag Chairs with Washable Covers

Posted by on 10/30/2023 to Articles
When your home décor needs an upgrade, choose Comfy Sacks. We offer the best bean bag chairs with machine-washable covers on the market. The Comfy Sacks Bean Bag Cover Difference Do you constantly say "I am sick of my current sofa and

Turn off the TV! 5 things your kids need in their playroom for old-fashioned fun

Posted by Ana on 7/4/2017 to Articles

The average American child aged 2 to 5 watches about 32 hours of TV a week. That’s more than four hours a day! And that only drops to 28 hours per week for kids aged 6 to 8. Your kids’ TV time takes away from schoolwork, physical activity and contributes is linked to health problems later in life. Plus, if your kids watch too much TV without your guidance, they can begin to look at risky behaviors (think: drinking, smoking and performing violent acts) as ”cool.”

Reduce Stress in Your Life

Posted by Jessica Thompson on 2/28/2017 to Articles
If you’re like most people, you probably experience some degree of workplace stress on a regular basis.  And although there has been workplace stress for as long as time, if you think you’re more stressed today than you have been in the past, you’re probably right. The reality is that workers are expected to do increasingly more with fewer and fewer resources – especially in a fluctuating economy. But this doesn’t mean you have to settle for just being stressed all the time.  Here are 5 tips for reducing stress at work: