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Micro Suede Most Popular Help

Micro Suede is the current rage in upscale upholstery. Micro Suede has taken the furniture industry by storm for its durability, feel and leather-like visual characteristics. Made of soft, machine washable polyester for long life and relaxed comfort. This is our most popular selling material because it is both soft and very durable. Many modern couches you see are covered with Micro Suede. The fabric is great looking and can be washed in the washing machine.


Pebble Premium Textured Fabric Help

Pebble is our most unique and expensive upholstery fabric offered. This fabric is slightly higher in price as compared to our other fabrics but for good reason. Pebble perfectly makes a statement and brightens up every room with a modern mosaic pattern available in a palette of high style colors. Fabric 100% nylon, machine washable. Apple Computer chose to outfit their Corporate Headquarters in California with this fabric. Ironically they chose Apple Pebble as their fabric of choice. Coincidence? Maybe.

Premium covers are slightly more expensive than our Micro Suede.


Furry Ultra Soft Help

Furry is our newest fabric we now offer. We would compare it to the fur of a baby Chinchilla . It is the softest fabric we offer and is very popular among the teenage crowd. The fabric is synthetic and NOT real animal fur. Nothing beats snuggling up on a cold winter day on your Furry Comfy Sack! All your friends will be Jealous. When they become jealous, send them our way!

Furry covers are slightly more expensive than our Micro Suede.


Comfy Cords Comfy Corduroy Help

The Comfy Cords is one of our newest fabrics offered at Comfy Sacks. Its familiar corduroy texture is both ultra soft and very durable. It is available in several popular colors to fit any decor.

Comfy Cords are slightly more expensive than our Micro Suede.


Specialty Limited Edition Covers Help

If you are looking for something both unique and fashionable, the specialty covers are for you. We offer limited edition covers that look awesome and feel unbelievable.

Our limited edition covers are slightly more expensive than other products we sell due to premium cost of these specialty fabrics


About the 6 ft Sack

The 6 ft Comfy Sack is our most popular product we sell because of it's size. It is large enough to fit two large adults but is also small enough to fit in most apartments and houses. The 6 ft Sack is our flagship product and is the ideal piece of furniture to replace the old love seat or recliner. The 6 ft sack is great for playing video games or enjoying the newest season of 24 while kickin' back in style. Many people buy two 6 ft Comfy Sacks for their theater rooms or basements. One thing we must warn you about is that after you get one, you will be back very soon to buy another! (remember that pets love the Comfy Sacks just as much as we do!)