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Home Theater Design: Efficiency on a Budget

Posted by Administrator on 11/29/2011 to Articles

Every family dreams of having a home theater.  And not just a flat screen television with booming audio. The whole point of investing in a home theater is to provide your friends and loved ones with a cozy, comfortable space that enhances the experience of watching movies.


Unfortunately, transforming a space into a room devoted entirely to popcorn and films can be incredibly expensive.  This post is devoted entirely to creating an efficient space on a budget. That way you can reach your dreams without breaking the bank.


Our first piece of advice is to do research. It’s nearly impossibly to find deals in-store that beat online prices. Many e-commerce stores offer discounted rates on the product itself, along with minimal rates for shipping and even taxes in some cases. Shopping online also provides buyers with the ability to instantly compare prices instead of driving from physical store to store. On these sites, there are often customer reviews. At Comfy Sacks we hold client testimonials in the highest regard because we know that the unbiased opinions of customers can sway potential buyers better than we ever could.


Now that you’re open to researching and buying online, consider opting for an HDTV projector instead of a television. A home theater system demands  incredible picture quality- and projectors can offer that. Who needs a 60” flat screen when you can opt for a 100-inch picture at a fraction of the cost?


Audio is also extremely important when designing a home theater. Even on a budget, it’s still important to ensure that the sound feels comparable to that of a movie theater. To maximize the audio without using a top-notch, multi-thousand dollar system is to consider insulating the walls with soundboard or additional sheets of drywall. Not only will that heighten the quality of the sound within the room, it will also contain the acoustics, thus preventing those outside the movie to be disturbed.

Last but not least, make sure you are making smart decisions when it comes to choosing furniture. So often people spend thousands on bulky recliners that only seat one person each. While those chairs might be cozy, they’re not cheap or roomy- and before you know it, your budget is maxed out on four chairs. Comfy Sacks are a perfect solution to home theater seating. The variety of sizes, shapes, and fabrics allows you to personalize your selection to fit the style of your family and home. Also, placing a few 6-foot sacks into a home theater room will provide spacious seating for at least 6 adults. As for kids, well the Comfy Sacks could probably fit around 12.


There you have it: a compilation of cost-efficient tips to designing your home theater. Hopefully following this guide will allow you to plan carefully and stay within budget. Don’t forget the popcorn!

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