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Crash landing at Amazon and Under Armour

Posted by Administrator on 9/22/2012 to Articles

This month we’ve been focusing on how Comfy Sacks are a perfect fit for offices – and not just for brands that have the start up culture. Amazon, for example, is a major company that’s been around for years and recently purchased several Comfy Sacks for their offices.

Last year, a few representatives of Comfy Sacks – including the president, Tyler – traveled to Seattle to visit the brand new Amazon headquarters – that’s right, they explored all 7 buildings, taking up a whopping 1.7 square million feet! Being an e-commerce brand, Amazon wanted a product that was extremely comfortable and informal for their phone and conference rooms. Comfy Sacks fit the bill! Over several days, we packed our 3.5 and 5-foot Comfy Sacks into these rooms. The employees we followed up with said they love working from these spaces instead of their desks. Several of them mentioned that their Comfy Sacks help them deal with the stress of assisting unsatisfied customers over the phone – no wonder Amazon has such exceptional customer service!

Since the addition of Comfy Sacks to the Amazon headquarters, a bunch of employees have placed orders for our products in their own homes. We are very excited to have recruited some new fans from the Amazon family.

Under Armour is another well-known brand that has purchased Comfy Sacks for its corporate digs. As a company that thrives on the sales its own unique products, Under Armour understands the importance of quality and comfort. This dedication is a main factor that influenced its decision to choose Comfy Sacks. Our smaller products’ portability is another reason Under Armour wanted to invest in some sacks. Because this brand participates in various travelling conventions, it needed some seating arrangements that could be brought along.

Comfy Sacks aren’t what conference goers expect to see, but they certainly catch the eye. We’ve received some solid feedback from Under Armour about the durability of these products; they couldn’t be happier with their purchase and we couldn’t be happier with their response!

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