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Comfy Sacks Unite Families

Posted by Administrator on 11/23/2011 to Articles

A house is so much more than a structure. It’s a home. It’s a sanctuary of security, and a place where families make memories. For many households, the best part of the house is the media room- a cozy space for watching movies, playing games, and catching up on each other’s lives.

We’re big on comfort. That’s why we made it a part of our name. The products we sell are comfortable, not just because they feel good to sit on, but because they generate stability. By that, we mean that aComfy Sack is a reliable space that encapsulates relaxation. No matter what curveballs you’ve had to hit throughout the week, your Comfy Sack will always be a reservation of rationality.


Families associate Comfy Sacks with the best of times. Whether it is munching on popcorn during the opening credits of an anticipated movie, unwrapping presents on Christmas morning, or racing to the finish line in a video game, the memories created on a Comfy Sack are perpetual and powerful.

Many of our customers share stories about how they use Comfy Sacks as a cozy means of connecting with their kids. Parents especially love reading books together. Small children can snuggle up as their parents turn the pages of a favorite picture book. Older children can practice their skills by reading aloud to their parents. This month features National Young Reader’s Day, which should be celebrated in style. Take your family to the library and encourage everyone to pick out a couple short stories to read that night. Make it a family reading event. If everyone enjoys himself or herself, consider initiating a weekly outing to the library.


We love hearing about family camaraderie. Feel free to submit pictures or stories of you and your clan enjoying each other’s presence on a Comfy Sack!

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