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Comfy Sacks Shows the Love

Posted by Administrator on 12/13/2011 to Articles

We at Comfy Sacks are extremely grateful for our fans on Facebook. Even during the unpleasant state of this economy, we have thousands of individuals supporting Comfy Sacks on our social media channels. To return the love, Comfy Sacks likes to initiate fun giveaways at least once a month.

If you’ll recall, October featured a unique opportunity for our Facebook fans to guess how many pieces of candy corn could fit in one of our products! The guesses poured in and one lucky lady won a “Halloween Sweets and Treats” gift package.

Last month we went where no bean bag chair company has ever dared to venture. We first asked our fans to provide us with creative ways to test the durability of our products. From those answers, we compiled a Facebook poll and asked our fans to vote (and be entered to win a 3.5-foot Comfy Sack). While it was a close race, the challenge that won the most votes was to run over a Comfy Sack with a tank. That’s right, a battle tank! Needless to say, Comfy Sacks had a very busy weekend because we were busy putting our products to the ultimate test. The hard work paid off because that Monday, we were proud to reveal to our fans video footage of a REAL battle tank running over a Comfy Sack! As promised, one of the voters (Travis Wisely) won a 3.5-foot Comfy Sack chair.

On Cyber Monday, a few Comfy Sacks staff members were working late when they decided to keep the promotion momentum flowing. Comfy Sacks asked its Facebook fans to guess how much the battle tank (shown in the video) weighs. After 200 submissions, we announced the winner on Facebook. Theresa Fitzmayer had the closest estimate, guessing 56 tons (the tank actually weighed 56.2 tons). She will receive one of our soon-to-premiere products, a Comfy Sacks ultra cozy blanket. This promotion was just in time for the long stretch of brutal winter nights. You haven’t experienced genuine comfort until you have paired a Comfy Sack with this warm throw. Congratulations Theresa!

Thank you to all of our Facebook fans. We always appreciate customer support and feedback, including photos and verbal testimonials. If you’re not a fan yet, head over to our Facebook page and jump into the conversation!

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