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Zazzle.com Uses Comfy Sacks to Promote Creativity

Posted by Administrator on 4/29/2011 to Articles

The leader in quality custom printed products, Zazzle.com, uses bean bagfurniture in their office to promote a creative environment and free communication. Modern businesses like online retailers need modern style in their offices. Not only dobean bags provide a sleek modern décor to an office, they can show employees and clients that the business is creative and opento new ideas.

In offices, bean bag furniture lets employees find their perfect comfortable position, which can open the mind and allow creative ideas to flow. Employees can find the next great idea when their body is relaxed and their mind free to roam. This is one of the reasons why Zazzle.com outfitted their offices with bean bag furniture. The online retailer reports that their employees love Comfy Sacks so much; many of them have also purchased bean bag furniture for their homes.

Comfy Sacks bean bag furniture can also encourage communication in an office environment when used as a conversation area in an office. Not only do bean bags allow people to relax and open up when discussing creative projects, bean bags are also portable. This means that everyone at a meeting can rearrange the bean bags to create the perfect environment for free and open communication. Zazzle.com employees say that they love bean bag chairs for meetings because they create a relaxed atmosphere for business and creative meetings.

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