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Versatile Bean Bag Chairs Get a New Look

Posted by Administrator on 1/10/2011 to Articles

The bean bag chair has long been held as one of the more versatile pieces of furniture- but not always as attractive. Some may well remember the older versions with their plastic-like coverings, and the way that those little balls of foam would leak out over time. Those earlier types would not only leak their stuffing out, but would lose shape and flatten. Modern bean bag chairs no longer have this issue, and come in a wide variety of fabrics and fillings.

Josn Espinosa of Ezine Articles recently praised the versatility of bean bag chairs saying: “If you need more open space, you can’t compact a couch into a closet but bean bags will be happy to oblige.” He then went on to say, that bean bag chairs are a great way to give any room a quick make over.

Many online retailers are following suit, proclaiming that bean bag chairs can be so much more than just a chair- other uses depend on size, but they can also be great bedding, couches and even pet bedding.

A quick and easy way to add more seating to any room in your home or office, bean bag chairs are a relaxing way to enhance any type of atmosphere. Whether you’re just looking for something extra for the living room, a kid’s room or gaming space, a bean bag chair is definitely the way to add comfort to any space.

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