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The Perfect Addition to Your Multi-Media Home Theater or Recreation Room

Posted by Administrator on 8/31/2011 to Articles

Whether it’s related to the current economy and tighter household budgets, or just a simple desire to share more quality time with loved ones and close friends, the current trend is spending more recreational time at home.

Because of this many families and couples are interested in having a great home theater entertainment system/game room, outfitted with the top of the line HDTVs, Blu-Ray movie players, digital surround sound, the newest game consoles and all the rest.

But one thing a lot people don’t consider when planning their dream home theater or game room is the seating. With a glossy flat panel screen mounted to the wall, perhaps a nice pool table or other family games in the room, and additional pieces of today’s high-end technology on display, the last thing you want to top it all off is ugly, uncomfortable and outdated furniture.

Most people just keep an old couch or loveseat because it’s served them well in the past, but few would argue that these can really look out of place in front of a sleek home theater system. But what’s the alternative? Is there a comfortable, stylish and versatile piece of furniture that doesn’t cost tons on money?

The answer is a Comfy Sack giant bean bag chair. This chic furniture option is sure to be noticed, make your theater or game room the envy of all your guests!

Our next-generation bean bags are incredibly comfortable and durable, with none of the problems you remember from old-school bean bag chairs. Because although we say “oversized bean bag chairs”, you won’t find any of those noisy Styrofoam beans here. They’ve been replaced by premium-quality, shredded polyurethane foam instead. You can sit or lie in almost any position you’d like in your Comfy Sack since our chairs conform to your body – allowing you to stay comfortable far longer.

Comfy Sacks are bigger than traditional beanbag chairs as well. Our smallest model is 3.5 feet across, perfect for children, while the largest is a whopping eight feet, providing plenty of room to stretch out and watch movies or shows. Our six foot model is our most popular, allowing two adults to sit and stretch comfortably, while the 7.5 foot Comfy Sack is a great option for replacing your current couch.

Don’t be fooled by foam filled chairs and loungers you might have seen from competitors like Lovesacor Ultimate Sack, or other varieties sold at the local mall. These bean bag chairs are both: 1) lower quality and 2) more expensive than Comfy Sacks. They use inferior foam, obviously less comfortable for you, and they don’t have the many styles and color options available with our bean bag chairs. Their warranties can’t match ours either.

And with so many colors and fabrics to choose from, your ultra-comfortable Comfy Sacks is designed to complement any décor – highly attractive additions no matter where you use them in the home. No other furniture you can buy for your entertainment room hideaway will look as cool and be as enjoyable as your Comfy Sack!

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