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Stay Comfortable and Informed With a Comfy Sack

Posted by Administrator on 10/31/2014 to Articles

The news is popular because it’s important. A lot is happening in the world: confusion in Russia, activist movements here in the US, local elections , and recently, the World Cup. It’s a big world and thanks to mass media, we’re all part of a global network now.

But let’s face it: the news isn’t always pretty. In fact, it almost always seems to be BAD news that we see: massacres, explosions, financial worries, storms, Amber Alerts, scandals, and divorces. We at Comfy Sacks want you to relax. Close your eyes and lean back into one of our oversized, foam-stuffed faux leather sack chairs and let all the fear wash away. Remember: the news reports what’s extreme, not what’s necessarily common. Bad things make the news because they are interesting, but when you see it every day, you can start to think that the world is only bad.
For example, do you think more people die from asthma or tornadoes? You’d probably say tornadoes, but you’d be wrong. Tornadoes are simply what make the news because they’re wild and exciting. And while tornadoes are dangerous, frequent news reports make us think they’re worse and more common than they actually are.
We’re in the relaxation business, so we’re here to help people forget their worries and have peace of mind. That’s why we made our giant foam chairs: to give our customers a soft place to rest their weary selves, to close their eyes and remember that there ’s a lot of good in the world that goes unreported.
Ease your body and your mind in a velvety suede bean bag chair and remember all the good things you’ve seen in the world. Actually,  just thinking at all is a good thing. One more inherent problem with the news is that there’s so darn much of it that it’s hard to focus. So turn off the TV, close the laptop, or put down the paper and really stop and think about what you’ve just seen. Weigh the good and the bad, the sources, and the bigger picture. Better yet, talk about what’s going on in the world with people around you. Don’t just let every piece of information pass over you unnoticed; chew on it a while and develop your own opinion on the matter.
Our sack chairs are great places for conversations. Our black corduroy loungers are 5 to 7.5 feet long, big enough to for or three people, so you can all sit and watch together and then have a conversation about it. Talk with your spouse, talk with your kids, or just talk with friends. The point of information isn’t just to be accepted and deposited; it’s to be processed, to educate you and make your mind sharper. You don’t need to dwell on everything, but the more you think about the world, the easier it is to process what you hear and see.
The newscast doesn’t have to be a non-stop fear box . It can be helpful and informative as long as it doesn’t own you. We offer high-quality foam chairs that are incredibly comfortable so you can sit and read or watch with delight, then rest your head and process what you’ve just seen instead of ignoring it or fearing it. Take it easy. We can help.

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