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Small Businesses and Telecommute Workers Agree: Bean Bags Are It

Posted by Administrator on 1/3/2011 to Articles

Now more than ever, more businesses are maximizing their income potential and padding the bottom line by adding at home, or telecommute workers to their workforce. It’s no secret that one of the many benefits to working from home is comfort- and many are singing the praises of bean bag chairs for just that reason. Long hours spent working on reports or other assignments are much less stressful and much easier to plowthrough when that time is spent in comfort- not seated at an uncomfortable desk all day. Bean bag chairs are the method of choice for those who choose to take their work to a more comfortable place.

It’s not just those that telecommute that are getting on board with the bean bag craze. Those in small business or who work with small businesses are getting in on the act. A small business center in New York is one example- offering comfortable spaces where professionals can not only work, network and get together, but decorating that space with bean bag chairs to maximize comfort.

Bacigalupo, owner of New Work City, the small business center told Inc.com that “we’re in the middle of a revolution in which huge swaths of the workforce will shift to working from home. New Work City is a platform to take advantage of that.” As more workers shift to a freelance mindset, the need for comfortable, relaxed space to do so is high- and bean bag chairs are one way of contributing to those spaces.

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