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Redesign of Canadian Women’s Shelter Includes Bean Bag Chairs

Posted by Administrator on 1/1/2011 to Articles

The Red Deer Advocate recently reported on Central Alberta Women’s Emergency Shelter’s choice to utilize several large bean bag chairs as a part of a total redesign of the children’s area. Because women in children that come into the shelter often are in need of comfort, being able to provide a space conducive to that end was essential.  Creating a space that is both calming and comfortable for children in need was such a vital part of bringing together the entire space- and bean bag chairs were definitelysuited for that.

The center, which enables women and children to overcome the harm inflicted by domestic violence, needed to be able to offer a safe space where children could relax and play and the chairs aided in that. It was important to be able to offer comfortable seating for children as they read, play video games or engage in other activities.

Several other therapeutic centers and the like have followed suit, implementing bean bag chairs as a way to aid in multi-sensory therapy for those with disabilities. The soft, durable nature of bean bag chairs often makes them perfect in settings such as these and has been put into use by the Nanaimo Association for Community Living. These chairs enable those undergoing therapy to be able to sit in positions that other chairs may not allow for, while watching light shows or listening to music which are often essential parts of the therapy.

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