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Public Library Promotes Teen Reading With Bean Bags

Posted by Administrator on 6/13/2011 to Articles

The Plattsburgh Public Library in Plattsburg, New York recently added bean bag furniture to their Teen Room to create a comfy, modern space for teens to enjoy their favorite books. As part of the young adult fiction section,bean bags encourage teens to read by providing a lounging area. In the Plattsburg Library Teen Room, young adults can lounge and read or hang out together in comfort.

Many other public libraries across the nation have used bean bags to create comfortable reading areas for kids and adults. Bean bags in libraries create an open, relaxing space where people of all ages can lounge, read or converse. Not only does bean bag furniture create a modern style décor in a public library, but it can encourage reading in children and teens because it provides a place to relax the body and open the mind.

Studies have shown that bean bag furniture helps kids and young adults focus and retain information. This makes bean bag chairs great for schools and libraries that want to encourage learning through reading. The comfort and support of bean bags allows teens to find a comfortable position to read in so that they can focus on reading books instead of getting distracted by uncomfortable chairs.

Bean bags can also encourage creativity because they relax the body so the mind is open to come up with great ideas. The freedom of movement and positioning of the body offered by bean bag chairs also encourages creativity. This makes bean bags a great addition to a teen reading room in a public library.

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