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Pinning your way to the ultimate home theater

Posted by Administrator on 6/18/2013 to Articles

Today is an exciting day because we have some juicy news to announce. Comfy Sacks is running our first Pinterest promotion! For those of you who are unfamiliar with Pinterest, it is a social media site that allows you to document interesting, inspiring things. Essentially, it is a virtual pin board that you can share with the world! The contest is simple. Start a board called “Pinning your way to the ultimate home theater” and fill it out with whatever you would find in your dream home theater.

There are, of course, a few restrictions:

  • Must include essentials for a movie room (TV, speakers, DVD player, etc)
  • Must include a Comfy Sack
  • All items must be able to practically fit into a media room (25’x25’)
  • Must EMAIL Comfy Sacks a link to your completed board
  • Must follow the Comfy Sacks brand on Pinterest
  • Must comply with Pinterest’s Terms & Privacy Policy
  • Must name your board “Pinning your way to the ultimate home theater”
  • Contest lasts from May 18th, 2012 until June 18th 2012 (submissions received until Midnight CST)

The rest is up to you! Use your creativity to fuel the design for The Ultimate Home Theater. Remember, expensive accessories aren’t necessarily going to be the best choice for each item. You’ll notice that we asked that you pin a Comfy Sack on your board; choose wisely because the one you select to go in your home theater is the one we will send you if you win the contest! Not everyone can fit an 8′ Comfy Sack in their home. That thing is huge! For some inspiration, head to the Comfy Sacks Pinterest account (search “comfysacks”) and check out the different boards we’ve created.

Oh, one more thing: the Comfy Sacks staff will choose the winner. It’s a subjective contest because it’s one that actually requires effort on your part, and we want to reward those who go all out. That said, we’re expecting everyone to have fun with this; no sore pinners are allowed! We appreciate a mix of creativity, luxury, and of course – comfort! Send those finished boards to[email protected] and have fun pinning your way to the ultimate home theater!

Below are a couple of good examples of Pinterest boards that have already been submitted for the contest.   Keep them coming!    (Please keep in mind that these are some of the first boards submitted for the contest and have not in any way have won the contest.  These are simply examples of boards that were submitted.) 








* Disclaimer: The winner of the contest will receive one Comfy Sack (the one that was pinned on their “Pinning your way to the ultimate home theater” board)  To win you have to be located in the lower 48 states.

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