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Not Your Mama’s Bean Bag Chair

Posted by Administrator on 6/6/2006 to Articles
Remember the bean bag chair? Back in the 1960s everyone had one; maybe you’ve still got one in the basement or your kids’ play room. Do you also remember how uncomfortable they were, how noisy, how prone to spilling the little foam beans all over the place? The next generation of bean bag chairs is here with The Comfy Sack. The first thing you’ll notice when you sit on a Comfy Sack—no beans! Instead you’ll find shredded polyurethane foam, just like what is used in many high-end pieces of furniture. This foam chair is incredibly comfortable and it won’t flatten or leak. No matter what position you sit or lie in on The Comfy Sack, your body will be supported. It’s a great choice for people with joint problems because it creates no pressure points, allowing your body to relax completely. There’s just enough firmness in the foam to hold you comfortably in place without making the Sack lumpy or rigid. Our Comfy foam makes Comfy Sacks better than any other high-end beanbag chairs on the market, and at a much better price. The Foof Chair and Lovesac beanbags use cheaper foam that’s rough and uncomfortable, and they cost more! The Comfy Sack is a wonderful choice for the game room or TV room. They are the perfect place to sit and watch movies, play video games or just hang out with friends. Comfy Sacks come in a range of sizes, from 3.5 feet around to a whopping eight feet—another major difference from those small bean bags of yesteryear. The smaller Comfy Sacks are great for kids bean bag chairs, while the 7.5 foot lounger is about the size and shape of a standard couch. An eight-footer is huge and offers plenty of room for several people to stretch out. The most popular and versatile Comfy Sack is the six foot Video Sack. It comfortably seats two adults, but is small enough to fit in most rooms. This modern update of the classic bean bag is the perfect lounger for your bachelor pad or family room. Comfy Sacks come in a range of colors in both microsuede and cotton twill covers so you can fit your Comfy Sack to your existing décor. The fabrics are durable enough to handle kids and spills, and because they all come with an inner liner, you can remove the cover and pop it in the washing machine to make your Sack good as new. All seems are guaranteed by a two-year warranty, so if a seam tears, you can get a new cover free of charge. You won’t find another bean bag company that stands behind their products the way Comfy Sacks does. The Comfy Sack will soon become the best seat in the house for watching movies, playing video games, reading and other activities. Once your friends and family try out the Comfy Sack, they’re sure to want one, too.

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