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Library Gets a Modern, Relaxed New Look With Bean Bags

Posted by Administrator on 2/7/2011 to Articles

With so many recent studies coming out about how learning environments impact children’s learning, many schools are leaning towards a more comfortable trend in decorating. Not only classrooms, but study areas and libraries are all getting on board. Many parents are also taking a cue, and bringing comfort into their children’s study areas using bean bag chairs.

When she wanted to help students feel more comfortable and encourage healthy reading habits, Cindy Gobrogge of the Revere High School library knew exactly what to do. In her library redesign, she made sure to implement bean bags. She has said that she would like for “Students to feel like the library is an inviting environment” and bean bag chairs, being so popular with kids now, were one great way to make sure that happened.

Talking about the renovation with the high school paper, she said that she’s really working to ensure that students got more out of their library experience. Making the library a comfortable, relaxing and also stylish place is one way to ensure that students want to spend more time reading. When planning her redesign, she made sure that bean bag chairs were the key factor. Bean bag chairs are an excellent way to enable children to read in comfortable positions, thus getting them to read for longer stretches of time. Many schools have already begun to redesign classrooms with that in mind, enhancing the environment in which they learn by bringing in more comfortable spaces- bean bag chairs are a cornerstone of these plans.

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