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How Bean Bag Furniture Provides Therapy For Autistic Children

Posted by Administrator on 4/11/2011 to Articles

Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, affects one out of every 150 children, but there are many different therapies available to help autistic children enjoy better quality of life. One of the best therapies recommended for autistic children is called deep pressure, which involves putting pressure on children’s bodies in order to stimulate their nervous systems and promote calming feelings.

One of the best ways to provide deep pressure therapy for a child with Autism Spectrum Disorder is with beanbag furniture.Bean bags can provide safe and even pressure all over a child’s body. Because they are filled with shredded foam, beanbag chairs are perfect for deep pressure therapy for autistic children because the foam conforms to the child’s body. The foam also is soft enough be safe for the child, even while providing the sensory input autistic children crave.

Children with some forms of autism disorders like to make violent movements, and beanbag furniture can offer a safe outlet for this behavior. Parents or therapists can purchase a large beanbag chair and allow the child to jump and flop onto the chair. This allows the child to control the amount of pressure they are receiving and provides them a safe place to move. Giving the child the opportunity to safely provide themselves with pressure stimulation can help control aggressive behaviors.

Another way to provide children with Autism Spectrum Disorder deep pressure therapy with beanbag furniture involves two smaller beanbag chairs or a beanbag chair and a beanbag pillow. Some children with ASD enjoy being surrounded or squished. You can allow the child to lay on one bag and press the other over the child’s body so that they are squished between two soft surfaces. This provides even pressure all over the child’s body.

Beanbag furniture can also provide autistic children with exercise and fun. Since bean bags are filled with shredded foam, they are light enough for a child to pick and move. A beanbag chair for this kind of activity should be small enough for the child to hug with their arms so that they can pick it up and move it around. With different beanbag chairs in different colors, you can make a game out of moving the chairs around or sorting by color or size.

In addition to providing children with Autism Spectrum Disorders a safe form of deep pressure therapy, beanbag furniture also offers several advantages to parents and therapists. Not only are bean bags affordable, but they can help save money on taxes. Any item used as therapy for a child can be a tax deduction, so parents and therapists who use beanbag chairs will save money not only when they purchase the chair but on their taxes as well.

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