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Great Big Sack Chairs For Those Who Need Them

Posted by Administrator on 6/11/2015 to Articles

Do you know why they created a “Big and Tall” store? Because the clientele of big and tall people existed. People come in all shapes and sizes and need to be catered to in their own way. For the average Joe, this is pretty simple as practically every place caters to them. But for the bigger and taller folks of the world, it can get kind of uncomfortable. But in one area, you don’t have to be uncomfortable. Comfy Sacks has bean bag chairs ranging from kid-size to adult size–any adult!

Let’s start with our 6-foot sack chair. This is the most popular size and already fits most grown adults. True, many people, especially the Big-and-Tall crowd, are larger than six feet. However, most people don’t lay prone in a chair, stretched from one end to the other. Usually, the feet touch the ground at some point. If not, they’re usually curled up beneath or beside you. So in these casual positions, the 6-footer usually works for most people who want to get comfortable. Even the long-limbed and generally find comfort in 6 feet of wiggle room.

However, if you need something bigger, then our largest sacks, the 7.5-foot loveseat-like lounger and the 8-foot ginormous bean bag chair are your go-to chairs. These sacks are the biggest on the market and just as comfortable and durable as all the other sacks. Spread yourself out in a massive 8-foot circle. Heck, there’s even room for that special someone in your life within 8feet of width. And when you’re tired, curl up and go to sleep. We’ve never met any 8-foot-tall people, so we’re relatively confident that this sack chair will fit everybody.

You might be thinking, “What good is a massive bean bag chair if it’s just full of beans?” Well, bean bag chair isn’t the best word, more like foam bag chair. Our sacks are stuffed with shredded furniture foam. While this makes for some incredible soft and smooth packing, it’s also quite durable. Beans go flat within a couple months, but our foam is made to re-expand when you get back up, so it lasts a lot longer. They pack up to catch anybody’s fall, so rest assured that you’ll rest secured.

Football players, basketball players, bodybuilders, and other larger athletes would love a great big sack chair to relax after a hard game, a giant cushion to catch them as they crash from exhaustion and just let a mesh of soft foam envelop them entirely. Even if you’re not an athlete, you can still enjoy serious comfort with a big, fat Comfy Sack foam chair.

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