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For the Young or Young-at-Heart

Posted by Administrator on 2/12/2012 to Articles

Some of the best memories of being a kid revolve around sleepovers with friends. Of course, any child knows that the most enjoyable way to spend the night – whether alone or surrounded by buddies – is in a homemade fort! If you’ve never build a fort before, or you simply want to perfect your technique, read on to find out how!

Before you start building, you need the right materials. The simplest forts consist of multiple bed sheets that are tucked into “anchors,” which will be explained shortly.

The best place to build a fort is in a room that has a sofa – such as the family room or a media room. This is because the couch or sofa will allow you to hold the sheet in place. Tuck a sheet into the couch and pull the excess fabric to a chair opposite the couch. Ideally this will be a kitchen chair that has a tall back, allowing the fort to feel spacious inside. Stretch the sheet so that there is a tight “roof” between the couch and chair anchors. Across this sheet, you can drape a second sheet, so the edges are no longer exposed. This will box your fort in. If additional support is needed around the “walls,” you can use more chairs to hold up the sheets. Don’t forget to allow for a doorway!

The best forts are enhanced with some exciting features, such as strings of Christmas lights, a laptop, and even a mini fridge! If you have a Comfy Sack, we recommend stuffing it inside the fort as well – that is, if it can fit! Because you’ll be sleeping and relaxing in your fort, you should make sure to have a supply of warm blankets and pillows. Finally, don’t forget the entertainment! What better way to spend your time relaxing than to turn on a movie? The Comfy Sacks staff compiled a Top 20 Favorite Kids Movies list not too long ago; check it out and get inspired for your fort night!

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