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Delivered Goods Blog Reviews Comfy Sacks

Posted by Administrator on 5/24/2011 to Articles

Thanks Mail Carrier is a blog that reviews all sorts of products that can be “delivered right to your door,” including home improvement and décor items.  Head blogger and mom recently reviewed a 6 Foot Comfy Sack as part of the Comfy Sacks giveaway. She blogged about the old bean bag chairsshe remembered from her childhood and how happy she was with the modern comfort and washable cover of modern bean bag furniture.

In the blog, she described the incredible way the Comfy Sacks are delivered. The huge bean bag furniture was vacuum packed into a 68 pound package. Once removed from the package, the foam inside the bean bag expands to its full size. While Comfy Sacks warns that their bean bag furniture can take between 48 hours and a week to reach its full size, the Thanks Mail Carrier blogger was pleasantly surprised to find hers had expanded in a few hours.

All in all, the blogger and her family were very happy with their Comfy Sack. “Whether you put it in your home theater, living room, bedroom or any place where family and friends want to relax and enjoy it, this really is the perfect couch for lounging, a place for the whole family to watch a movie, a bed for a cozy nap or just a really unique chair for hanging out or playing video games,” said Thanks Mail Carrier blogger Xenia.

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