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Comfy Sacks supports TouchPoint

Posted by Administrator on 3/16/2012 to Articles

We at Comfy Sacks are always excited to get involved in community events. Not too long ago, we visitedTouchPoint Autism Services to make a special delivery.TouchPoint is a non-profit organization that services more than 3,000 people with autism across the state of Missouri and beyond.

This organization continues to deliver education and support on so many levels, year after year – so Comfy Sacks decided to give back. We gave away a couple giant bean bag chairs as a means of showing our appreciation for all TouchPoint Autism Services does for thousands of people with autism and their families.

A few of the awesome employers decided to test out the Comfy Sacks before showing them off to guests. It looked like they didn’t want to get up! (Who can blame them?) We’re so excited to have Comfy Sacks available for the visitors of TouchPoint. New places can be intimidating, but we’re sure that the kids, teenagers, and adults who try out the squishy foam chairs will have no trouble at all getting comfortable.

Now that it’s been a few weeks since the delivery, we asked TouchPoint how the Comfy Sacks have worked out. Ann Furey, an Autism Training Specialist, sent us this review: “They have been such a huge hit!!! We have little ones who are at their breaking point sometimes, will sit in the comfy sack with a weighted blanket and just calm down instantly. It’s so relaxing! We all love them! I even did an impromptu parent support group session a couple weeks ago…we had five mothers, all exhausted from working with their children, so we had just kind of a relax session by going into the OT room. I was originally going to have each mother sit on a yoga ball to get some movement going, but each mother wanted to sit in the comfy sack! I had to practice turn taking with grown women! They have been such a wonderful addition to our rooms!”

Thanks to everyone at TouchPoint for the great feedback. We are thankful for this organization and the great work they do.

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