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Comfy Sacks is bringing back the Pillow!

Posted by Administrator on 3/2/2013 to Articles

We’re excited to announce that we’re going to re-introduce the Pillow to our store due to popular demand. We temporarily stopped manufacturing it in order to direct our attention toward the original Comfy Sacks products. Once the requests started pouring in for us bring it back, we were happy to oblige.

We’re pleased to hear that our fans appreciate this accessory as much as we do. Our Pillow acts as a fantastic addition to your Comfy Sack because it supports your head and neck. This feature is especially useful if you struggle to sit straight on the Comfy Sack without straining your neck. Activities can potentially cause tension in your neck muscles could include reading, surfing the Internet, or watching TV.

While other companies attach this feature to the product, we feel that the Comfy Sacks Pillow has an advantage because it is free for you to adjust and repurpose. It’s comfortable enough to sleep on at night, and many of our customers do exactly that. Plus, it’s extra long – big enough for two or even three adults to comfortably recline and experience.

Like all Comfy Sacks products, the Pillow is guaranteed to last. The materials that are used to manufacture it are exactly what we use to make the sacks and loungers. It even has the famous Comfy Sacks 3-year “no hassle” warranty. Skip over to the accessories page and complete your Comfy Sacks collection. You’ll wonder how you’ve lived this long without one of our pillows!

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