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California Company Uses Bean Bag Furniture

Posted by Administrator on 4/22/2011 to Articles

California-based company Bump, a firm that allows mobile phone users to share content between phones, has been noted for joining the increasingly popular trend of replacing regular chairs with bean bag chair in its Mountain View office. Co-founder David Lieb told the San Francisco Examiner that the company is doubling its staff at the Mountain View office and new employees will get the chance to experience the comfort of sitting onbean bags as they work.

Formerly a warehouse, in addition to bean bag sitting the office contains exercise balls, surfboards, catered lunches, as well as a dog. Mr. Lieb stated that the office probably has more different beverages  in its kitchen than employees.

Bean bag chairs may become the norm in years to come. A recent Wall Street stocks article states that bean bag chairs have already become a mainstay in many offices.

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