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Bean Bags Are For Moms, Too!

Posted by Administrator on 5/4/2013 to Articles

We sell a lot of Comfy Sacks beanbag furniture to parents for dorm rooms, kids’ rooms, playrooms, game rooms and theatre rooms.  But, with Mother’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to let you in on a little secret.

When the kids are at school and moms are busy with their workday, every once in a while, Mama Bear sneaks a five, ten minute or longer break on a Comfy Sack.  And why shouldn’t she?!  Is there anyone who works harder than a mom?  And is there anyone who deserves to be pampered and comfy more than a mom?

We at Comfy Sacks know moms are glue that hold families together, so we came up with our Top Ten ways to show mom how much she means to you on Mother’s day.

By: the Comfy Sacks StaffTen Fab Things to Do for your Mom on Mother’s Day

1. Let her relax! Plop her in a Comfy Sack, bring her one of her favorite magazines and make sure she’s knows this isher day and that everything else will be handled by her loving family.

2. Watch her favorite movie with her. It may feel like torture to watch Steel Magnolias or An Affair to Remember, but spending time with her and holding the box of tissues will mean more to her than anything else.

3. Do something different! If you traditionally take Mom to brunch or to a relative’s house for a meal, switch it up.  Go for a long drive on a country road and listen to her favorite kind of music.  Go bowling, to a park, to the zoo or to a museum.  Do something she would never expect.

4. Write her a letter or poem. Moms know the best gifts are homemade.  Have each member of the family (dad and pets too!) write a letter or poem or mom to tell her how much they love and appreciate everything she does.  It’s a gift she’ll cherish for a lifetime.

5. Bring out the old photo albums or fire up the photos on the laptop and sit with Mom while she reminisces about earlier times. She’ll love looking back and you might learn something new about your heritage you didn’t know before.

6.  Offer to let her have a day to herself. Give her day of peace and quiet, maybe a massage appointment, or a day of shopping.  Make sure she knows she won’t have to do a thing when she gets home (nothing worse than giving mom the day off and having her come home to dishes that need to be washed or laundry that needs to be put away!)

7.  Cook a meal….maybe a few meals! Yes, a real meal using recipe books, pots, pans, measuring cups, the whole nine yards.  She’ll get a kick out of watching her family navigate the kitchen and she’ll know the love that was put into every bite.

8. Make a Coupon Book. Present mom with a coupon book filled with coupons she can redeem any time she wants.  Include coupons like “One Free Home Cooked Meal,”  “One Movie Night,”  “One Day of Free Laundry.”  Search the Internet for “coupons for mothers day” images and you’ll find a ton you can print out and present to Mom.

9. Make a Jewelry or Paint Pottery. You can find a “paint your own pottery” store or jewelry-making studio in almost every major city.  Bring all the kids and have them make mom a special piece of pottery or jewelry.  It’s a gift she’ll always treasure.

10.  Make a DVD. Include all those “momisms”…the things only your mom says or does.  Include photos of the kids growing up.  Include some of her favorite songs as background.  With today’s computer technology, creating a video mother’s day ‘card’ is a snap!  Have mom sit on the Comfy Sack with a bowl of popcorn to watch the premier of her Mother’s Day Movie!

These were just a few of the many ideas our staff came up with.  Have fun with these or come up with your own ideas.  Whatever you do, make this Mother’s Day one of the most memorable yet for the “Mama Bear” in your life.

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