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Bean Bag Chairs Now In Public Schools

Posted by Administrator on 12/31/2010 to Articles

Across the nation, a new trend towards helping students to better focus on studies is leaning towards comfort. Studies have shown that the more comfortable a student is, the better their focus and the better they fare in their school work. Many schools are implementing new ways to help foster this and to improve the overall learning experience for the students they are responsible for.

It is with that in mind that a school in Bangor, Maine began using bean bag chairs in their school library. According to a WABI TV 5 news report, the Downeast Elementary school received an award through a Target contest. The Take Charge of Education paid for a make over for the library, and they chose to add bean bag chairs. Additionally receiving new bookshelves and books, the school has seen a remarkable amount of enthusiasm on the part of the students for the make over.

Across the ocean, in London, another school has also implemented bean bag chairs for enhancing their learning environment. John Paul II School in Battersea has recently renovated their entire learning environment to include bean bag chairs.

One thing seems clear- for students, the bean bag chairs create a very inviting environment for learning. Fostering better study habits and improving a love of reading is so important, and many schools, parents and others who work with kids are finding that including bean bag chairs in their study areas are really paying off.

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