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Bean Bag Chairs Becoming More Popular in Classrooms

Posted by Administrator on 4/7/2011 to Articles

More and more schools have replaced regular chairs with bean bag chairs, according to a Journal-Sentinel article. One such school is Wisconsin’s Hartland South Elementary School, where students sit on fabric cubes and bean bags while studying.

Fifth-grade teacher Holly Albrecht says the bean bags are a hit with the kids, and the flexible seating is a step toward changing the way space is used in their classrooms. Ms. Albrecht further states that moving away from desks gives students more say about their study environment and what works for them.

Jennifer Lamar, Senior Interior Decorator for school architecture firm Fielding Nair International was noted in the article as stating that the idea to create these more flexible and comfortable spaces has really been catching on. According to Ms. Lamar, more people are realizing that spending an entire day sitting in a hard chair is not very conducive to learning.

Manilla Bulletin writer Henry Tenedero, president of the Center for Learning and Teaching Styles, stated that using bean bag chairs and throws can enhance learning for children who can concentrate in rooms containing soft furnishings.

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