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Are all bean bag chairs created equal?

Posted by Administrator on 7/18/2011 to Articles

Maybe you’ve heard or seen that some retailers like Staples are beginning to sell bean bag chairs, and are considering a purchase of one as a new piece of furniture for your home or dorm room. The sizes range from 4 feet wide to only 3 feet 5 inches. Guess you better not plan sharing your sack with anyone, or really stretching out and getting comfortable.  Also, the covers and fillings which are used are also inferior to “premium” sacks such as Comfy Sacks. And let’s not even get into their extremely limited warranty.

So what about premium foam sacks, such as those sold by us here at Comfy Sacks, vs. the product sold by Lovesac? There are major differences here too, where a Comfy Sack comes out on top in every possible way.

The first difference is certainly price. A 6 foot Comfy Sack in Micro Suede runs $285.00, which includes shipping too. Compare this to a Lovesac at $719, considerably more than double the cost. With an inferior full warranty of only 90 days and 2 year warranty on their sac inserts, compared to a 3 year NO HASSLE full warranty on BOTH the Comfy Sack cover and liner, and Comfy Sacks start to look even more attractive. And then consider our free fabric samples – with more color choices – compared to NO fabric samples and a limited number of colors with Lovesacs, and as a 100% Made In America product that creates jobs in the U.S. (compared to Lovesacs – made in China), and it truly becomes no contest.

The bottom line is that you knew Comfy Sack beats the competition, both those that sell cheaply-made and inferior products, and also in the premium category, in every way. This gives you the peace of mind that you purchased the best product, at the best price. Which may help explain why Comfy Sacks were chosen by Apple for their headquarters in California, were recently featured in publications such as Glamour Magazine, and featured on MTV shows like Rob’s Fantasy Factory.

Our products offer superior comfort, at a great price, and are the absolutely ideal piece of furniture for families, couples and college students, in your multi-media room, basement or dorm room.

We know that your new Comfy Sack will be the FIRST seat taken no matter where you put it! Enjoy your favorite movie or TV show, your music, or PS3 or Xbox 360 game with the most comfortable seat in the house. Did we mention it’s also the perfect place to relax with your laptop, iPad or Kindle?

You’re purchasing a unique piece of furniture – designed to last you a lifetime – which will become your new place to Get Comfy!

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