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Adaptive Furniture for the Physically Disabled

Posted by Administrator on 8/16/2011 to Articles

Children with physical disabilities can find it much more difficult to find a comfortable place within the home to really relax, just doing all the things that every kid likes to such as watching movies, reading books or hanging out with friends and family.

If you are the parent of a child with a physical disability, you know that he or she sits, walks, and uses their body in a unique way. Traditional household and dining room furniture may not be comfortable or even practical for children with challenging physical conditions. And purchasing a stylish, high-quality piece of furniture that works well for everyone in the house – and is welcoming to a disabled child, too – can be a difficult task.

Our Comfy Sacks oversized bean bag chairs could be your solution! And though we may say “bean bag chair” you won’t actually find any of those old plastic pellets here. Our chairs and loungers are filled with a premium shredded foam filling that is incredibly soft and malleable, perfect for anyone that wants or needs a piece of furniture that conforms to them, not the other way around. It’s easy to find a comfortable sitting or resting position in a Comfy Sack, relieving tension and stress on joints and muscles.

With many different sizes and shapes, you’ll find something that your whole family will love, even for your littlest ones. And Comfy Sacks are built to last. This is easy to see when you consider that we offer a 3 year NO HASSLE warranty, on both the cover AND the liner. Compare this with our competition. Our style options are far greater than other manufacturers as well, with Comfy Sacks offering a full 35 standard fabrics and colors. Did we mention that our chairs and loungers are also hundreds of dollars cheaper?

We know that children with adaptive furniture needs deserve the exact same level of comfort and contentment as any other child. Our Comfy Sack giant bean bag chairs and loungers are the perfect solution for your physically challenged child to “get comfy” with everyone else!

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