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Posted by Administrator on 2/14/2013 to Articles

February 14 is usually a day about the ladies, right? And it’s very easy to run out of things to buy your special girl since there are only so many varieties of dark chocolate and red/pink flowers. Nearly 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are purchased every year around this special holiday. Why conform with the rest of the crowd when you can bring home something extra special for her (and for you!) this Valentine’s Day?

Allow us to leave you with a dozen reasons why you should buy a Comfy Sack bean bag chair or bean bag lounger instead of a dozen roses this year.

  1. Roses may only last a few days. A Comfy Sack bean bag chair, made of durable and premium foam filling, will last you a few decades.
  2. Comfy Sack bean bag chairs and loungers come in different shades of red and pink, so you can still maintain the theme of Valentine’s Day!
  3. A dozen roses can cost anywhere from $20-$60 and look beautiful for a week at most. A Comfy Sack can cost you as low as $285 and look beautiful for years and years.
  4. Let’s be honest, guys, how much do you appreciate a dozen roses sitting on your kitchen counter? A Comfy Sack is a Valentine’s Day gift you BOTH can enjoy!
  5. Unlike roses, bean bag furniture from Comfy Sacks is soft and won’t stab you when you touch or sit on it.
  6. You can’t really cuddle up to a bundle of flowers…or, can you?
  7. A Comfy Sack or Comfy Sack Lounger is a wonderful investment for your home. You can use it as a primary piece of furniture or something you pull out of the closet when all the kids are over to play.
  8. Ask yourself this question: “Does my significant other even like receiving flowers? Or would she rather cozy up on a bean bag chair with Yours Truly?”
  9. Roses are just another “mouth” to feed. Bean bag chairs require no feeding and just an occasional cleaning.
  10. Did you know that our bean bag furniture from Comfy Sacks comes with a warranty? Roses just come with a receipt.
  11. Unfortunately, roses don’t typically run on sale or on clearance. If you frequent our website, you’ll find great sales!
  12.  You can shop online for a Comfy Sack and receive FREE Shipping! Free shipping on roses? That deal is a dime a dozen ;)


Be sure to visit us online or just give us a call at 1-877-884-3826 for any help or information we can provide regarding our product line of Comfy Sacks. Make it a special Valentine’s Day this year with a gift that will satisfy you both!

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