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Oversized Bean Bags Hit the Nightclub Scene

If you like to go out to nightclubs, you might have noticed a new kind of furniture cropping up in VIP rooms and lounges: oversized bean bags.

These giant bean bag couches are all the rage in some of the most exclusive night clubs out there, and with good reason. They make a big statement and offer an unforgettable experience.

Oversized bean bags like the Comfy Sack, Foof Chair and Love Sac look just like the bean bags of old, but they have a cool modern twist. They're made of polyurethane foam, the same kind of stuff that's used in couches, for extra comfort.

Covers made of cotton twill or microsuede give these bean bags a laid-back or modern look, and make them easy to take care of because the covers are removable and machine washable.

These oversized bean bags are also much bigger than the older models. Comfy Sacks has an 8-foot sack known as the Party, and you can be sure it gets attention from patrons when they see it when they walk into a club.

People gravitate toward these bean bag couches and don't want to give up their prized spots. They definitely help club owners create buzz and get people talking about what a great and different time they had at the club.

Everyone expects to see couches when they walk into a club. But sometimes the expected is a little boring. Now people also expect clubs that are over the top, that have a lot of fun features and give them an experience that is not like the experience they've had ate very other club they've ever been to.

That's what using oversized bean bags instead of couches can do for a club. It really puts you on the map once word gets around that you have beanbags. Everyone will want to go see them and sit on them, and hopefully spend an evening in your club buying drinks and having a good time.

Bean bags are a lot easier to take care of than couches because you can take off the covers and clean them, or just buy a new cover when the old one gets messy instead of having to replace a whole couch when a stain gets on it.

There are all sorts of practical reasons huge bean bags are great for a club—they're easy to move, easy to clean, really comfortable—but the biggest reason to go with bean bag couches has got to be the wow factor. People can't resist them, and they won't forget them, either.

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