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When Was the Last Time You Got Excited About Buying a Couch?

Getting new furniture is great, but shopping for new furniture isn't all that fun. Think about the last time you went shopping for a couch or a comfy chair to put in your living room.

You had to drive all over town, sit on a million couches, take measurements, try to decide if the fabric would look OK in your house or what the dog would do to it, and on and on. It's really pretty frustrating, right?

On the other hand, shopping for a bean bag couch actually is a lot of fun, and there are many advantages of having an oversized bean bag in place of your couch.

The main advantage of a bean bag chair—such as a Comfy Sack, Foof Chair or Love Sac—is its versatility. You pretty much can just sit on a couch, maybe lie down. If you have a hide-a-bed, someone can sleep pretty uncomfortably on it for a night.

With an oversized bean bag, you've got comfortable seating to spare. Sit down, lie down, do a belly flop, invite the dog and all the kids, no worries. You can even move your bean bag couch from room to room when you need more seating somewhere else in the house. There's no way you could do that with a traditional couch.

Your friends won't mind spending the night on your "couch" when that couch is really a huge bean bag. A bean bag bed is really comfortable, hugging and supporting the body through the night with ease. You'll probably hear your guests say your bean bag couch gave them the best night of guest-room sleep they've ever had.

One more great thing about oversized beanbags like the Love Sack, Poof Chair and Comfy Sack is that the covers are completely removable and, in most cases, machine washable. You don't have to worry about eating on your bean bag or doing anything else you'd normally do.

This is a great feature if you ever redecorate your house as well. If the cover of your bean bag couch suddenly clashes with the walls, just buy a new cover and the problem is solved. And these covers actually fit your bean bag couch like a glove, unlike those slipcovers sold for couches that pretty much all look like slipcovers.

They never quite fit right and sometimes you can even see the original pattern of the couch through the cover!

In terms of style, comfort, versatility and value, a huge bean bag is hard to beat. It just might get you excited about having to buy furniture.

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