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Bean Bag Couches

A bean bag couch might seem like a strange choice for married adults with families and responsibilities. It seems like bean bag furniture should be left to college dorm rooms and bachelor pads, doesn't it?

But the next generation of bean bags is here, and these huge bean bags are the perfect choice for the living room, game room or family room of any home. These bags, sold under names like Comfy Sack, Foof Chair and Love Sac, are growing in popularity with families for a number of reasons.

First, if you have a huge bean bag in your family room instead of a couch, the whole family can pile up on the bag and watch movies or just hang out together. The bean bags are perfect for families with young children who like to have slumber parties—the bean bag just might end up being bed for all the kids!

Bean bag furniture is just as durable and attractive as a traditional couch. The bean bags and made from quality furniture-grade foam, the exact same stuff that is used in couches and recliners. Instead of using big blocks of foam, the bean bags used shredded foam for extra comfort and versatility.

It doesn't matter how you sit or lie on a bean bag couch, you will feel comfortable. Families with autistic kids love bean bags because they help make the child feel secure and can help calm them down, which is often a necessity.

Even the family dog will enjoy the comfy chair. You won't even mind the dog getting on the furniture when you realize that the entire cover of the bean bag couch is removable and washable. Stains don't stand a chance.

You could also buy your favorite canine (or cat) a special bean bag floor pillow to give him or her a special place to snuggle up with the family. These huge pillows can be laid out flat on the floor or folded up to prop against you bean bag couch for comfortable floor-level seating.

Huge bean bags are a great choice for people who like to change up the look of their rooms, because all you have to do is buy a new cover and you've got a new couch.

A bean bag couchis a wonderful addition to the home entertainment room. Kids and adults alike will want to host movie nights and everyone will be fighting over the chance to get a seat on the bean bag.

The wide variety of sizes available means you can easily find a bean bag couch to fit your space and your lifestyle. There is no better furniture investment than an oversized bean bag. Once you get one, you can bet you'll start a trend among your friends.

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