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Comfy Sacks Foam Chairs: The Thinking Man’s (Or Woman’s) Chair

Picture the great thinkers in your mind. Sherlock Holmes is an easy one, leaning over in his chair, staring intently into the fire, wondering how the pieces of his latest mystery fit together. Maybe Einstein, up late at the lab, poring over his notes with complex math equations floating about his mind. Or perhaps someone more modern, like the late Steve Jobs, piecing together bits of hardware to design the latest technological masterpiece.Comfy Sacks at Apple Computer Headquarters

Maybe this is why Apple bought Comfy Sack foam chairs for their think tanks. These are aptly named because they’re the places where the great minds come together to bounce ideas off each other and sharpen their mental powers to develop new products and/or new solutions. But how can you think outside the box when you’re sitting on one?

Creativity begets creativity. Comfy Sacks gives you a new place to do your best thinking. You don’t need a hard back and a rigid skeleton to have a deep thought. In fact, the more comfortable you are, the easier it is to think. Sack chairs spread out without scattering like they’re trying to get away. They lump up and sort of envelop you in a sweet suede hug.

Of course, great thinkers also know that novelty is no substitute for actual quality. Our shredded foam is incredibly soft, but also very tough, not liable to go flat in a couple months. And our covers are made to be safe for pets and kids. We back up our bean bag chairs with a three-year warranty because we really believe they’ll last at least that long.

And the color/fabric options are as creative as you are. Hey, some people think better in simple and subdued suedes, some people think better in a big furry pink chair. To each his own. But if you’re looking for a creative touch, try out Midnight Fox and Polar Fox fabrics, which are black and white, respectively. They’re similar to our synthetic furs, but we took them up a notch to match the gorgeous patterns of the foxes for which they are named. And hey, foxes are pretty clever creatures, too. A clever seat for a clever person.

Smart people save money, too. Comfy Sacks is having another sale: all giant bean bag chairs are 20% off right now, PLUS free shipping! Don’t waste time with other, far more expensive sack chairs; choose the option with savings.

Are you the next world-renowned genius? You could be if you know how to think, to bend your perspective so that you see new possibilities in old places. For creative types like you, we’ve made the Comfy Sack foam bag chair, a smooth and comfortable spot where you can sit and plan as long as it takes to spice up your next great idea.

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Great Big Sack Chairs For This Who Need Them

Comfy Sack 6 ft SackDo you know why they created a “Big and Tall” store? Because the clientele of big and tall people existed. People come in all shapes and sizes and need to be catered to in their own way. For the average Joe, this is pretty simple as practically every place caters to them. But for the bigger and taller folks of the world, it can get kind of uncomfortable. But in one area, you don’t have to be uncomfortable. Comfy Sacks has bean bag chairs ranging from kid-size to adult size–any adult!

Let’s start with our 6-foot sack chair. This is the most popular size and already fits most grown adults. True, many people, especially the Big-and-Tall crowd, are larger than six feet. However, most people don’t lay prone in a chair, stretched from one end to the other. Usually, the feet touch the ground at some point. If not, they’re usually curled up beneath or beside you. So in these casual positions, the 6-footer usually works for most people who want to get comfortable. Even the long-limbed and generally find comfort in 6 feet of wiggle room.

However, if you need something bigger, then our largest sacks, the 7.5-foot loveseat-like lounger and the 8-foot ginormous bean bag chair are your go-to chairs. These sacks are the biggest on the market and just as comfortable and durable as all the other sacks. Spread yourself out in a massive 8-foot circle. Heck, there’s even room for that special someone in your life within 8 feet of width. And when you’re tired, curl up and go to sleep. We’ve never met any 8-foot-tall people, so we’re relatively confident that this sack chair will fit everybody.

You might be thinking, “What good is a massive bean bag chair if it’s just full of beans?” Well, bean bag chair isn’t the best word, more like foam bag chair. Our sacks are stuffed with shredded furniture foam. While this makes for some incredible soft and smooth packing, it’s also quite durable. Beans go flat within a couple months, but our foam is made to re-expand when you get back up, so it lasts a lot longer. They pack up to catch anybody’s fall, so rest assured that you’ll rest secured.

Football players, basketball players, bodybuilders, and other larger athletes would love a great big sack chair to relax after a hard game, a giant cushion to catch them as they crash from exhaustion and just let a mesh of soft foam envelop them entirely. Even if you’re not an athlete, you can still enjoy serious comfort with a big, fat Comfy Sack foam chair.


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Comfy Sacks Can Do What Traditional Furniture Can’t

When we talk about our luxury large foam furniture, you might have said to yourself, “Why on Earth would I want a bean bag chair when I can just have a regular old armchair, maybe even a recliner? And who needs a sack lounger when you have an actual couch, right?” Those are very valid questions: why would someone choose a bean bag chair over traditional furniture? Today, we’re here to answer those questions.

large foam furnitureMaybe one of your concerns is that bean bags have no support, meaning no arms or backs. There’s a bit of truth in that; our sack chairs are just that: great big sacks full of super-smooth furniture foam. There isn’t a lot of rigidity. But then again…that’s the point. Our sacks aren’t designed to keep you stiff and upright, but to help you relax. You can absolutely spread out in a Comfy Sack without being encumbered by arms or backs, so you can sit or lay in pretty much any position you please. You can even sleep in a sack chair far easier than you can on a couch or chair.

And how many furniture companies let you customize your size, style, and color? Comfy Sacks gives you those options. You can customize your very own chair on our website with dozens of possibilities. You can have a 6-foot wide slate-gray corduroy sack chair for your office, a small bright-blue sack for your kids, a 7.5-foot-wide tan suede lounger for your living room, or some other combination you like. Color and fabrics vary by size, but there are still tons of options to match your desires. Heck, you can even order free fabric samples.

Say goodbye to hard, uncomfortable seat cushions, too. Comfy Sacks are filled with the quality furniture foam that’s ridiculously soft and comfortable. And the sack chairs are all 3 feet thick, no matter how wide. Is your couch’s cushioning 3 feet thick? If not, don’t trust it to catch your fall. Fall on a Comfy Sack; we’re got your back.

Plus, can you wash your couch or chair? You know, without sitting it in the sun to dry and then get dirty again? Comfy Sack foam bag chairs are all machine washable. Just unzip the cover, wash it, dry it, and put it back on. Click here for full instructions. Comfy Sacks are far easier to clean than your other furniture sets, and that helps them last a whole lot longer (one of the reasons we have a 3-year warranty on each product).

Sure, couches, chairs, and the like all have their place, but a Comfy Sack bean bag chair can do what these things cannot. It can give you a new level of comfort that you’ve never felt before: spread out across a wide area, rolling around in your favorite fabric, and resting your head against our soft, but sturdy foam. For pure relaxation, Comfy Sack is the way to go.

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How to Get the Most From Your Memory Foam Chairs

Comfy Sacks memory foam bagHow long do you like your furniture to last? A few months? A year? Perhaps you will agree that the best furniture always last several years. The longer, the better. After all, good furniture can cost a pretty penny, and you don’t want to go out and spend that money all over again when they break. Comfy Sack foam bag chairs need good care as well, so we’ve compiled a list of ways to maintain and get the most out of your foam bag chairs.

1. Get a color and style you know you’ll love for a long time. If your Comfy Sack outlasts the wear and tear of time, it must also outlast the fickle fashions of the day. If you think you’ll like that fuzzy pink bean bag chair for years to come, then have at, we’ve go t plenty! But if you aren’t sure, it’s best to pick colors that can match a myriad of decorative styles. Blacks, browns, reds, and whites are the most versa tile colors, which is why so many of our bean bag chairs sport shades of these colors, like Toast, Charcoal, New York Red, and ivory. As for material styles, suede and Comfy Cords (a corduroy pattern) are probably the best. They’re both simple and subdued, and each can cater to a certain type of living room furniture. If you have a more luxurious taste, our Polar Fox chairs are sublime, and faux leather bean bag chairs have all the regality without the high price tag.
2. Pick the Perfect Place. If you’ve spent money on a bean bag chair, you’ll want to get the most out of it,so where in your home would a large foam bag  chair get the most use? Living rooms are obvious options,and watching TV has never been more comfortable, but maybe not the best for everybody. If it’s for the kids, it might be better suited in their room.
Kids Rounds are small and can go anywhere, but a Play Room is great for a larger bean bag chair for so the kids can get a little rougher.Where’s the best spot for a bean bag chair in your home? Near the TV? Next to the window where there’s plenty of light? We recommend corners, because this e can be hard to fill sometimes, and a sack chair usually has equal dimensions. That means the length and width are the exact same. Thus, they fill corners better than couches. The best place for a  sack chair in any home is one where you can enjoy your entertainment, take a nap, and talk with other s without moving it. We also recommend having it near a table or window sill so you can bring your favorite drink.
3. Wash it. All Comfy Sack foam bag chairs are machine washable. Just take off cover, re-zip it, and throw it in the washing machine in cold water. If y our Comfy Sack is large, you may have to wash it alone. If it’s small, you can wash it with other darks (or whites if you have a white bean bag chair).Air dry or tumble dry in the machine, zip her back onto the liner, and you’re good to go. Even the cleanest of us can soil a bean bag chair, even more so with kids or pets. But with a washable Comfy Sack, you can clean it up without having to dish out the dough for a replacement.
Enjoy your Comfy Sack foam bag chair for a long, long time.

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Stay Comfortable and Informed With a Comfy Sack

The news is popular because it’s important. A lot is happening in the world: confusion in Russia, activist movements here in the US, local elections , and recently, the World Cup. It’s a big world and thanks to mass media, we’re all part of a global network now.

But let’s face it: the news isn’t always pretty. In fact, it almost always seems to be BAD news that we see: massacres, explosions, financial worries, storms, Amber Alerts, scandals, and divorces. We at Comfy Sacks want you to relax. Close your eyes and lean back into one of our oversized, foam-stuffed faux leather sack chairs and let all the fear wash away. Remember: the news reports what’s extreme, not what’s necessarily common. Bad things make the news because they are interesting, but when you see it every day, you can start to think that the world is only bad.
For example, do you think more people die from asthma or tornadoes? You’d probably say tornadoes, but you’d be wrong. Tornadoes are simply what make the news because they’re wild and exciting. And while tornadoes are dangerous, frequent news reports make us think they’re worse and more common than they actually are.
We’re in the relaxation business, so we’re here to help people forget their worries and have peace of mind. That’s why we made our giant foam chairs: to give our customers a soft place to rest their weary selves, to close their eyes and remember that there ’s a lot of good in the world that goes unreported.
Ease your body and your mind in a velvety suede bean bag chair and remember all the good things you’ve seen in the world. Actually,  just thinking at all is a good thing. One more inherent problem with the news is that there’s so darn much of it that it’s hard to focus. So turn off the TV, close the laptop, or put down the paper and really stop and think about what you’ve just seen. Weigh the good and the bad, the sources, and the bigger picture. Better yet, talk about what’s going on in the world with people around you. Don’t just let every piece of information pass over you unnoticed; chew on it a while and develop your own opinion on the matter.
Our sack chairs are great places for conversations. Our black corduroy loungers are 5 to 7.5 feet long, big enough to for or three people, so you can all sit and watch together and then have a conversation about it. Talk with your spouse, talk with your kids, or just talk with friends. The point of information isn’t just to be accepted and deposited; it’s to be processed, to educate you and make your mind sharper. You don’t need to dwell on everything, but the more you think about the world, the easier it is to process what you hear and see.
The newscast doesn’t have to be a non-stop fear box . It can be helpful and informative as long as it doesn’t own you. We offer high-quality foam chairs that are incredibly comfortable so you can sit and read or watch with delight, then rest your head and process what you’ve just seen instead of ignoring it or fearing it. Take it easy. We can help.

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Comfy Sacks are Great Gifts for Grads

May is just a few weeks away, and we all know what that means: graduations galore! For students, graduation is a monumental life accomplishment; for parents, it is a time for celebration and recognition (and maybe a few tears of happiness).

We find this time especially exciting for High School graduates who will begin their journey to adulthood and independence (or tailgate parties and midterm-cramming), otherwise known as college. If you’re trying to figure out what the perfect gift is for graduates, you’ll be glad to know we have the answer.

Comfy Sacks are popular gifts for graduates because they are practical, durable, and comfortable! Dorm rooms, as you may know, offer a very limited amount of space. When you give the special grad in your life a Comfy Sack, you also give the gift of extra seating, a rarity in college life. College dorms are social hubs, and your soon-to-be college student will create many fond memories in the comfort and security of his or her dorm room. A Comfy Sack is a smart, easy way to add some flair without taking up too much room. Our products aren’t just good for seating; believe us, they’re perfect spots for late-night crashing or mid-day catnaps.

If you’re not quite sure which size of Comfy Sack to purchase for the graduate in your life, ask the college’s housing department for the dimensions of the dorm rooms. More than likely, a 3.5-foot Comfy Sack will be the safest bet. It’s a perfect size for dorms, but is still large enough to comfortably fit an adult.

To all of the soon-to-be graduates out there, congratulations!

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Bean Bag Furniture Makes for Ideal Wedding Gifts

Most soon-to-be brides and grooms typically register for wedding gifts at Crate & Barrel, Bed Bath & Beyond and Macy’s. But, how excited can a groom really get over a new 18-piece set of China dishes?  Make your gift stand out from everyone else’s and invest in something a little extra special – a Comfy Sacks bean bag lounger to fit the newlywed couple.

Giving the gift of true comfort, coziness and something that can truly stand the test of time will be a gift that both the bride and groom are sure to love. Whether it’s for a lazy Sunday watching Football and marathons of Everybody Loves Raymond, or for reading a good non-fiction book, there are endless options for using a Comfy Sacks bean bag chair.

Our loungers come in a variety of options: a 5, 6 or even a 7.5-foot cozy bean bag furniture piece that can comfortably seat you, your new spouse and even Fido. And it doesn’t end there. We offer our bean bag loungers in micro suede material, pebble, furry fabric or corduroy and there are dozens of color options to choose from. Take a closer look at our Comfy Sacks Lounger Series on video!

If you know the groom loves black and the bride loves red, you can purchase a second (replacement) cover from our Comfy Sacks line of accessories for $47 (valued at nearly $60). Don’t worry, you can please them both in just one gift!

To surprise the lovely newlywed couple even more, we ship our bean bag furniture to wherever you’d like for FREE! And we can even stick a bow on it for a little extra ‘Congratulations!’

We know that purchasing a wedding gift for a special couple takes extra thought and care. Feel free to check us out online for all the details on what makes our bean bag furniture the best on the market – and the most unique idea for a wedding gift!

Comfy Sack as a Wedding giftWe asked some of our fans on Facebook what they thought and most agreed it would be an awesome wedding gift.   Someone even referred to it as the ‘bees knees’!!!!!  Haven’t heard that in years.   :)

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Join Comfy Sacks in Honoring National Autism Awareness Month

The Autism Society has been celebrating National Autism Awareness Month during the month of April since the 1970’s – all in hopes of highlighting the growing need for concern and awareness regarding autism. Comfy Sacks has joined in celebrating this cause in the past few years.

Not only has our bean bag furniture company provided Comfy Sack bean bag chairs and loungers for many homes of children with Autism, we have partnered with a wonderful St. Louis organization – TouchPoint Autism Services – which provides help for over 3,000 individuals with autism across the state of Missouri.

Having placed several pieces of Comfy Sacks ‘adaptive furniture’ into homes and organizations of those with autism, we have learned how helpful our bean bag furniture has been in the behavior of these individuals.

Click here to read a wonderful story of how our Comfy Sacks products were a success for an Indianapolis family with an Autistic child.

Throughout the month of April, to honor National Autism Awareness Month, Comfy Sacks will be donating a portion of on all Comfy Sack bean bag chairs to Autism Speaks.

Our bean bag chairs (sacks) come in five premium material types: Micro Suede, Pebble, Furry, Comfy Cords and Specialty Covers and measure at 6 ft. x 6 ft. x 3 ft. We offer customization with each and every one of our products in addition to FREE shipping! Visit our website for any additional information.

Casey on his Comfy Sack

Casey on his Comfy Sack


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Spruce Up the Office with a Comfy Sack!

Groupon Employee enjoying the Comfy Sack at Groupon Headquarters

Groupon Employee enjoying the Comfy Sack at Groupon Headquarters

April 1st is widely known for being April Fools Day, but it also happens to be International Have Fun at the Office Day. That got us wondering: how many people can genuinely say they have fun at the office?

We at Comfy Sacks understand that the work place can be stuffy and boring –not at all an environment that encourages creativity. No matter where you work, there is still a need for a bit of relaxation. In fact, we could even argue that people with dull jobs need a Comfy Sacks more than anyone! A Comfy Sack gives employees a chance to unwind if they are overwhelmed or stressed. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to sit in one, you understand that they feel like you’re sitting on air. Every inch of your frame is supported by quality polyurethane foam, the same stuff that’s used in high-end furniture.

If you place a few Comfy Sacks around the break room, your employees will appreciate the cozy, modern upgrades. We constantly receive orders from corporations looking to enhance their common spaces with our products. The organizations range from teeny to gigantic (such as: Apple, Amazon, Groupon, Zappos, and Zazzle). Head over to our online store and choose the Comfy Sacks that will fit best for your office. We have a wide range of fabrics and colors, so you’ll be able to pick a style that complements your brand.


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The brainpower behind the Apple brand certainly calls for a work environment that is most conducive for creative thinking and ideation. At Comfy Sacks, we know there’s a distinct link between the environment in which you work in and the level at which you perform. We are very proud to be included in the workspace at Apple’s [California] headquarters to help soften their corporate workspace and create an alternative area to develop the latest and greatest products.

Zappos and Amazon have also jumped on board with the same idea of creating a more fun and comfortable work environment to help develop smarter ideation and happier employees. While it’s a bit unrealistic to eliminate cubicles from the workplace – especially in organizations as large as Apple or Google – it’s possible to add a little coziness and flare to what is already there.

Oftentimes, these creative spaces require the flexibility to move seating around a room, draw all over the walls and even throw things. Comfy Sacks – based in St. Louis, MO – has mastered the concept of adaptive bean bag furniture to fit just perfectly in any workspace. It is difficult to for computer chairs, L-shaped desks and file cabinets to really make a space feel unique and cool.

As a leading bean bag furniture business in the U.S, we understand the value of durability, comfort and timelessness. We design each and every one of our bean bag furniture products with more than one purpose in mind. Whether our furniture is being used for relaxing décor in a corporate lobby or for a space to do some deep thinking, bean bag furniture can always find a home in any type of office space.

Below you can see Apple showing employees on Comfy Sacks on their website.

Comfy Sacks at Apple Headquaters

Comfy Sacks at Apple Headquaters