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The Comfy Sack™ is the ultimate bean bag chair. They are perfect for your home theater, living room, or any place where family and friends want to relax and enjoy. Our bean bag chairs are made from high quality, commercial grade shredded polyurethane foam. At Comfy Sacks we stand behind our quality and customer service.

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Join Comfy Sacks in Honoring National Autism Awareness Month

The Autism Society has been celebrating National Autism Awareness Month during the month of April since the 1970’s – all in hopes of highlighting the growing need for concern and awareness regarding autism. Comfy Sacks has joined in celebrating this cause in the past few years.

Not only has our bean bag furniture company provided Comfy Sack bean bag chairs and loungers for many homes of children with Autism, we have partnered with a wonderful St. Louis organization – TouchPoint Autism Services – which provides help for over 3,000 individuals with autism across the state of Missouri.

Having placed several pieces of Comfy Sacks ‘adaptive furniture’ into homes and organizations of those with autism, we have learned how helpful our bean bag furniture has been in the behavior of these individuals.

Click here to read a wonderful story of how our Comfy Sacks products were a success for an Indianapolis family with an Autistic child.

Throughout the month of April, to honor National Autism Awareness Month, Comfy Sacks will be donating a portion of on all Comfy Sack bean bag chairs to Autism Speaks.

Our bean bag chairs (sacks) come in five premium material types: Micro Suede, Pebble, Furry, Comfy Cords and Specialty Covers and measure at 6 ft. x 6 ft. x 3 ft. We offer customization with each and every one of our products in addition to FREE shipping! Visit our website for any additional information.

Casey on his Comfy Sack

Casey on his Comfy Sack


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Spruce Up the Office with a Comfy Sack!

Groupon Employee enjoying the Comfy Sack at Groupon Headquarters

Groupon Employee enjoying the Comfy Sack at Groupon Headquarters

April 1st is widely known for being April Fools Day, but it also happens to be International Have Fun at the Office Day. That got us wondering: how many people can genuinely say they have fun at the office?

We at Comfy Sacks understand that the work place can be stuffy and boring –not at all an environment that encourages creativity. No matter where you work, there is still a need for a bit of relaxation. In fact, we could even argue that people with dull jobs need a Comfy Sacks more than anyone! A Comfy Sack gives employees a chance to unwind if they are overwhelmed or stressed. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to sit in one, you understand that they feel like you’re sitting on air. Every inch of your frame is supported by quality polyurethane foam, the same stuff that’s used in high-end furniture.

If you place a few Comfy Sacks around the break room, your employees will appreciate the cozy, modern upgrades. We constantly receive orders from corporations looking to enhance their common spaces with our products. The organizations range from teeny to gigantic (such as: Apple, Amazon, Groupon, Zappos, and Zazzle). Head over to our online store and choose the Comfy Sacks that will fit best for your office. We have a wide range of fabrics and colors, so you’ll be able to pick a style that complements your brand.


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The brainpower behind the Apple brand certainly calls for a work environment that is most conducive for creative thinking and ideation. At Comfy Sacks, we know there’s a distinct link between the environment in which you work in and the level at which you perform. We are very proud to be included in the workspace at Apple’s [California] headquarters to help soften their corporate workspace and create an alternative area to develop the latest and greatest products.

Zappos and Amazon have also jumped on board with the same idea of creating a more fun and comfortable work environment to help develop smarter ideation and happier employees. While it’s a bit unrealistic to eliminate cubicles from the workplace – especially in organizations as large as Apple or Google – it’s possible to add a little coziness and flare to what is already there.

Oftentimes, these creative spaces require the flexibility to move seating around a room, draw all over the walls and even throw things. Comfy Sacks – based in St. Louis, MO – has mastered the concept of adaptive bean bag furniture to fit just perfectly in any workspace. It is difficult to for computer chairs, L-shaped desks and file cabinets to really make a space feel unique and cool.

As a leading bean bag furniture business in the U.S, we understand the value of durability, comfort and timelessness. We design each and every one of our bean bag furniture products with more than one purpose in mind. Whether our furniture is being used for relaxing décor in a corporate lobby or for a space to do some deep thinking, bean bag furniture can always find a home in any type of office space.

Below you can see Apple showing employees on Comfy Sacks on their website.

Comfy Sacks at Apple Headquaters

Comfy Sacks at Apple Headquaters

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Comfy Sacks is bringing back the Pillow!

We’re excited to announce that we’re going to re-introduce the Pillow to our store due to popular demand. We temporarily stopped manufacturing it in order to direct our attention toward the original Comfy Sacks products. Once the requests started pouring in for us bring it back, we were happy to oblige.

We’re pleased to hear that our fans appreciate this accessory as much as we do. Our Pillow acts as a fantastic addition to your Comfy Sack because it supports your head and neck. This feature is especially useful if you struggle to sit straight on the Comfy Sack without straining your neck. Activities can potentially cause tension in your neck muscles could include reading, surfing the Internet, or watching TV.

While other companies attach this feature to the product, we feel that the Comfy Sacks Pillow has an advantage because it is free for you to adjust and repurpose. It’s comfortable enough to sleep on at night, and many of our customers do exactly that. Plus, it’s extra long – big enough for two or even three adults to comfortably recline and experience.

Like all Comfy Sacks products, the Pillow is guaranteed to last. The materials that are used to manufacture it are exactly what we use to make the sacks and loungers. It even has the famous Comfy Sacks 3-year “no hassle” warranty. Skip over to the accessories page and complete your Comfy Sacks collection. You’ll wonder how you’ve lived this long without one of our pillows!

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February 14 is usually a day about the ladies, right? And it’s very easy to run out of things to buy your special girl since there are only so many varieties of dark chocolate and red/pink flowers. Nearly 1 billion Valentine’s Day cards are purchased every year around this special holiday. Why conform with the rest of the crowd when you can bring home something extra special for her (and for you!) this Valentine’s Day?

Allow us to leave you with a dozen reasons why you should buy a Comfy Sack bean bag chair or bean bag lounger instead of a dozen roses this year.

  1. Roses may only last a few days. A Comfy Sack bean bag chair, made of durable and premium foam filling, will last you a few decades.
  2. Comfy Sack bean bag chairs and loungers come in different shades of red and pink, so you can still maintain the theme of Valentine’s Day!
  3. A dozen roses can cost anywhere from $20-$60 and look beautiful for a week at most. A Comfy Sack can cost you as low as $285 and look beautiful for years and years.
  4. Let’s be honest, guys, how much do you appreciate a dozen roses sitting on your kitchen counter? A Comfy Sack is a Valentine’s Day gift you BOTH can enjoy!
  5. Unlike roses, bean bag furniture from Comfy Sacks is soft and won’t stab you when you touch or sit on it.
  6. You can’t really cuddle up to a bundle of flowers…or, can you?
  7. A Comfy Sack or Comfy Sack Lounger is a wonderful investment for your home. You can use it as a primary piece of furniture or something you pull out of the closet when all the kids are over to play.
  8. Ask yourself this question: “Does my significant other even like receiving flowers? Or would she rather cozy up on a bean bag chair with Yours Truly?”
  9. Roses are just another “mouth” to feed. Bean bag chairs require no feeding and just an occasional cleaning.
  10. Did you know that our bean bag furniture from Comfy Sacks comes with a warranty? Roses just come with a receipt.
  11. Unfortunately, roses don’t typically run on sale or on clearance. If you frequent our website, you’ll find great sales!
  12.  You can shop online for a Comfy Sack and receive FREE Shipping! Free shipping on roses? That deal is a dime a dozen ;)


Be sure to visit us online or just give us a call at 1-877-884-3826 for any help or information we can provide regarding our product line of Comfy Sacks. Make it a special Valentine’s Day this year with a gift that will satisfy you both!

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Try the Comfy Blanket!

The most comfortable blanket ever!You have a new film cued to play on your television, a bowl of freshly popped popcorn tucked under your arm, and a cold beverage in hand. Once you’ve plopped down on your Comfy Sack, you set down the snacks and reach for the remote to start the movie. Halfway into the previews, it finally hits you: something’s missing.

As fun as it may be to go out and socialize with friends and family, there’s something wonderfully cozy about spending the night in. Even if you don’t have someone to share it with, a successful Friday night can consist of indulging in a good film and yummy snacks. If you already have a Comfy Sack, then you clearly understand the importance of comfort in your home. For those who are not yet proud owners of our superior bean bag chairs, we hope you will someday understand the supreme state of relaxation that a Comfy Sacks provides. Until then, we recommend purchasing our Comfy Blanket – the most wonderful invention since oversized foam-filled sacks and loungers.

There’s something remarkable about curling up under a blanket that calms the mood, no matter how long of a day you’ve had. Hop over to our accessories page and order a Comfy Blanket today! You won’t believe what you’ve been missing.

22 January 2013 ~ 0 Comments

Helping companies from A to Z

We have had the pleasure of helping many companies make their work environments more comfortable with the aid of luxury bean bag chairs. Some brands have asked for one or two Comfy Sacks for their recreational rooms. Other corporations have ordered hundreds – yes, hundreds – to fill out their entire campus! Regardless of your budget or style, there’s a Comfy Sack for your office. [Continue Reading This Post...]

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Comfy Sacks donated a slew of comfy bean bags to TouchPoint Autism Services in 2011 and discovered a remarkable change in autistic behavior. Since we’ve created ties with such great organizations (like TouchPoint) we have truly come to realize the benefit of comfortable, adaptive furniture in community-oriented environments.

This year, we’ve seen a sharp spike in growth in the amount of bean bag furniture purchased by churches across the U.S. Kids’ playrooms and trendy corporate headquarters (like Amazon and Zappos) are no longer the only places in town boasting with bean bag chairs and other cozy furniture. In the past year, we’ve sold bean bag furniture (ottomans, sacks, loungers and more) to over 120 churches across the country.

“In an environment that promotes and advocates for prayer, relaxation and community, we have found that comfortable, casual furniture creates a very welcoming and positive environment,” Comfy Sacks Owner, Tyler Shearburn said. “Our bean bags, which are designed with foam filling and durability in mind, have become extremely popular for both youth groups, young children and even the adult crowd within the church environment.” 

Comfy Sacks is very proud to bring comfortable seating to individuals of all ages and environments by means of bean bag furniture.

“It has been a very rewarding experience receiving feedback and photos from Comfy Sacks’ church customers. We’re in the business of providing comfort and we are thrilled to be putting our products into so many meaningful places,” Shearburn said.

Continue checking back with our blog to stay ahead of every thing we’re doing for the rest of 2012 and going into 2013! In the meantime, happy holidays to you, your family and your business. Cheers.


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The Comfy Sack Count The Candy Corn Contest Winners!

Comfy Sack Headquarters looks like Candy Corn Headquarters! Announcing the winners of the Count The Candy Corn Contest. But first, here are the counts for the Kids Comfy Sack and the Kids Comfy Lounger.
Kids Comfy Sack – 118,017 Candy Corn
Kids Comfy Lounger – 258,955 Candy Corn

Drumroll Please!
The winner of the Kids Comfy Sack is Amy Allen Ash! Congratulations, Amy! Amy’s guess was 121,809.
The winner of the Kids Comfy Lounger is Jason Sutherland! Congratulations, Jason! Jason’s guess was 250,000.
Amy and Jason, please send an email to info@comfysacks.com to claim your prize.

Thanks to everyone who guessed…many of you were really close.
Happy Halloween to all and keep checking the blog and our Facebook page for more contests coming soon!

16 October 2012 ~ 0 Comments

Count The Comfy Sack Candy Corn!

It’s back!  The Count The Comfy Sack Candy Corn Contest!  Say that three times fast.  Who needs a bean bag chair when you can have a Comfy Sack filled with Halloween candy corn!

How many candy corn does it take to fill a Comfy Sack!?  We want you to tell us and if you have the closest guess, you could win a Comfy Sack Kids Lounger or a Comfy Sack Kids Sack.  Yep, this year, we want to give away one Kids Lounger and one Kids Sack to a couple of lucky guessers! (and no, they won’t actually have candy corn inside, just our awesome Comfy Foam!)

Comfy Sack

You could win a Comfy Sack Kids Sack or Lounger!

Here are the details.
• Guess the number of candy corn it will take to fill a Kids Lounger and also the number it takes to fill a Kids Comfy Sack.  You can see pics of each on our website at ComfySacks.com.
• Post your guesses in the comments section on our Comfy Sacks Facebook page. (Be sure to “Like” our page first.)
• Only One guess per person per item (a total of two guesses…one for the Kids Lounger and one for the Kids Sack)
• Contest begins right now and ends on Friday, October 26 at 10pm CST. Entries after 10pm CST will not be accepted.
• Two winners will be announced no later than Tuesday, October 30.
• The guess closest to the actual number of candy corn for each item will win that item. If one person submits the closest guess on both items, they will be deemed the winner for both the Kids Sack and the Kids Lounger.
• Judges decisions are final.

So get counting and start guessing.  Tell your friends, and remember to post your guesses on our Facebook page.