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Have a Guy’s Night with Comfy Sacks Bean Bags

midnight fox bean bag chair faux leather bean bag chairSound the trumpet, it’s guy’s night! A time where men can hang out and be men. No girls allowed! (Well,for a while, at least). This time, make the other guys jealous when you whip out the Comfy Sack giant foam bag chairs and make your place the most relaxing hangout of them all.  After a hard day of work, a man just needs to relax. Whether he’s been wrangling white-collar meetings for eight hours or working on the railroad all the live-long day, a guy is often tired when he comes home.

So, if you’re having a guy’s night, be sure to give the fellahs a place to park their seats and catch their breath. Comfy Sacks are the perfect place for that. Made with shredded furniture foam instead of standard styrofoam pellets, Comfy Sack foam bag chairs are some of the softest, smoothest, and most comfortable chairs on the market. Nothing says “relaxing” like vegging out on a giant sack chair with no arms or back, where the whole thing just sort of swallows you. It says, “Stay here a while. Unwind. Let your cares drift away.”
And let’s not forget game night. For some guys, “game night” means football, basketball, baseball, hockey, or whatever else is on TV right now. For others, “game night” means “Call of Duty,” “Street Fighter,” or “Mario Kart.” Either way, you need a game night seat. What makes a game night chair? Anything you can get angry in.  Guys can get competitive, and games can get intense. You need a seat where you can jump up, get angry, and flop back down without hurting yourself or anybody else.
Need something to throw? How about one of our Sack Ottomans?  They’re soft, so they won’t hurt anybody, and you can put your feet up otherwise. So what makes a manly bean bag chair? That depends on the man. Perhaps the most traditional “manly” look would be leather. Tough guy, right? But leather is expensive. That’s why we have a faux leather bean bag chair, all the style for a more reasonable price.
If you’re more of a “fancy” man, maybe our Midnight Fox chair is more to your liking, a luxurious specialty black fur foam chair that just screams ”opulent.” If you’re somewhere in the middle, a microsuede foam bag chair is a simple, classy choice without a lot of hassle. It’s good for men to enjoy the fellowship of other men, whether in groups of party animals or one-on-one would searches.  You provide the guys and food; we’ll provide the comfort.
soul searches. You provide the guys and the food, w
e’ll provide the comfort.

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The Unsung Heroes of the Comfy Sacks Bean Bag Furniture Company

At Comfy Sacks, we’re always talking about how we have the highest-quality bean bag furniture in the world, the biggest bean bag chairs ever, a unique line of bean bag loungers, the most comfortable materials we can find, and the greatest value with a truly astonishing variety. Yeah, we have all that and more…so what is the more?  Today, we want to talk about some of our products that get a little less attention than our giant sacks and loungers. While they sit in the limelight, we stand by these products just as much as our bean bag chairs.

Giant Bean Bag Pillow SackPILLOW SACK—We have a thing for giant sacks here at Comfy Sacks, and the Pillow is no exception. It’s 4.5 ft by 5.5 feet by 1 foot, so this isn’t your traditional sleepy-time pillow. Think of the giant pillow sack as a sort of cocoon for your body. It’s longer than it is wide, so it kind of becomes a one-person self-encasing sack. If that makes no sense, check out the pictures here and see for yourself.  You can also just flop it down and lay across it for a nice nap, or lay it sideways and lean against the wall, the couch, the radiator, whatever, and get a more comfortable seat. Or lay it like a big “L” and maximize your comfort in an upright position!

Comfy Sack Neck PillowHEAD PILLOW—Now onto something a little more…well, “normal” is so boring a word. How about “Traditional”? This pillow isn’t half as big as the Pillow Sack, but it’s just as lovely. It’s a simple, cylinder pillow that adds a little extra support wherever you need it. The fun part is that it comes in many of the same colors and fabrics as our Comfy Sacks, so you get the same feel.  In fact, many of our customers like to buy the pillow when they buy the sack, so you can arrange the colors to match perfectly (like Merlot on Merlot), accent (like Navy Blue on Royal Blue), or  complement each other (like White Polar Fox on Midnight Fox). The pillow is an inexpensive addition to our furniture or anyone’s furniture, only about $23!

Comfy Sack Super Soft BlanketCOMFY THROWS—This is basically a big, soft blanket. What else do I need to say? How about that it’s the softest darn blanket you’ll ever feel? Or the snuggliest thing you’ll ever touch?  It’s a staff favorite and the perfect addition with the Winter months. Enjoy comfort and warmth!

The Head Pillow and the Comfy throw can be found on our Accessories page, along with a few other treats! We have more than just bean bag chairs at Comfy Sacks. We are the masters of the market, and all for your comfort. Enjoy!

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Enjoy March Madness with a Comfy Sack Giant Bean Bag Chair!

Green large bean bagAfter a long and cold winter, it’s finally heating up for basketball fans! The NCAA Men’s Basketball Sweet 16 games will begin in just a few days, bringing all the best that regional colleges have to offer. Maybe you won’t be able to get a  ticket to your local game, but you can enjoy all the excitement from home and do it in style with a Comfy Sack bean bag chair.red bean bag chair

What’s your favorite team? Who do you think is going to win? Hopefully, you answered the same for both questions! If you’re a hardcore fan, you probably have at least one part of your home decked out in your favorite’s colors. If not (of if you just need one more thing…) how  about a Comfy Sack foam chair with which to enjoy all your team’s games in this year’s tournament and all next season?

tangerine giant bean bag chairMaybe you’d like a little hunter green to cheer on the Michigan State. Or maybe some tangerine microsuede for the Florida Gator fans? If you’re rooting for the Louisville Cardinals and want to sport a little red fur to represent. Oh, you’re a UCLA fan? Well, show your pride with our royal blue large bean bag chairs.

Why a bean bag chair for the game? Well, you want to be comfortable, don’t you? Our foam bag chairs are made of some truly awesome materials, both inside and out. Inside, we bring you specialized shredded furniture foam that’s impeccably soft, yet strong enough to support you. Outside, we have simple suedes, bumpy pebbles and corduroys, faux leather, and a couple of special furry options. So, whether you like to be subdued or outrageous, there’s a bean bag chair material for you, and they’re all just as comfortable.

You like to play basketball yourself, you say? You’re quite the athlete? Well, work hard and  maybe we’ll see you on the TV someday soon! And when you’retired from a good workout, fall back into a soft sack to catch your breath. Since most basketball players lean towards the tall side, we’d recommend the 7.5-inch lounger or the gigantic 8-foot sack, which will accommodate anybody. But if you’re on the short-but-lightning-fast side, the 6-foot sack is a fantastic choice, too. And no matter how sweaty you get, they’re machine washable! And the best part is that they last.

Basketball comes every year, and that’s plenty of chances for your favorite team to break through the brackets and win the tournament. We offer and unrivalled 3-year warranty on our sacks, so that’s 3 years of enjoyment and likely many more to come.  Whether you play the game or just enjoy watching from the comforts of your home, a Comfy Sack is a great place to relax and let March Madness take over.

The Sweet 16 starts on March 27th!

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20% Off All Giant Bean Bag Chairs!

What’s better than a ginormous bean bag chair? The same chair for 20% less! Right now at  Comfy Sacks, our entire stock of big bean bag chairs is on sale! With FREE shipping!

8 foot giant bean bagThis is the best time to buy our biggest product: the humongous 8-foot bean bag chair.  That’s 8 feet by 8 feet, bigger than most any adult! In fact, that’s big enough for 3-5 adults to sit comfortably, or an epic crash pad for the kids to jump into. The 8-foot sack comes in many of the same fabrics and colors as our other products, so you can have a giant leather  chair in your own living room at a great savings!

But if you don’t have a circular 8 feet to spare, try out our 7.5-foot foam lounger. That’s still longer than most adults, but the difference is that it’s only 3 feet wide. To put it in perspective, it’s about the size of a smaller couch or bigger loveseat. This way, you can still have your giant foam chair, but you can press it up against the wall like a futon instead of placing it near the center of a room. More practical for many people, and still part of our big  sack sale! And come on, how many people have blue furry couches? Talk about unique!

Looking for something more on the small side? That’s okay, Comfy Sack has small bean bag chairs, too, and yes, they’re also 20% off. The smallest traditional-sized sack we offer is the 3.5-foot  sack, which is a nice and comfortable foam seat for anybody, but more gear towards older  kids.

For the little ones, though, you might want to check out the Kids Round. It’s a bean bag chair made especially for children, just their size so that they can enjoy the same comforts  as the rest of the family without their feet dangling off the edge. We have  loungers for kids, too!

3 in 1 sack bean bag chairFor a big bang for your buck, try out the Comfy Sack 3-in-1 sack. This is a more moldable sack that can adjust to various forms, like a normal sack or a giant sack pillow.  With this product, you get more options in how to use it and place it, and with the 20% off sale, there’s never been a  better time!

Of course, our top-selling giant bean bag 20% off sale won’t last forever. So browse through our inventory to find a sack you  like in one of our seven different fabrics and a wide selection of colors to go with any household decor. Big ol’ bean bag chairs for 20% off? It doesn’t get much better than that!

7.5 foot bean bag lounger

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Snuggle Up With A Comfy Sack Bean Bag On Valentine’s Day

HeartsLoveValentine’s Day is coming up, a day to celebrate love with somebody special. Since Valentine’s day is in February,  it’s probably going to be plenty cold, and most of the fun will have to happen indoors. But that’s okay, there’s plenty of indoor fun to be had, and a lot of warm, romantic fuzzies when you have a Comfy Sack bean bag chair.

More important than where you go or what you do, is just being together. Why don’t you spend some time wrapped in each other’s’ embrace in a cozy Comfy Sack? These are not your ordinary bean bag chairs, which are squeaky and uncomfortable. These sacks are filled with special shredded furniture foam for the ultimate lounging experience, or rather, the ultimate snuggling experience.

Just imagine you and somebody special, sidled up real close in a big, Comfy Sack chair, no arms or high backs in your way, just the two of you able to sit however you feel. You pop in your favorite movie, enjoy some dessert, stoke the fire, or just plain relax, curled up together, lost in your love for each other. Romantic, eh? Why not make the Comfy Sack your special spot for Valentine’s Day and every other day?2CS-LOU7-FF05

Comfy Sacks not only have the best materials for the softest feel, they also have the nicest covers for a romantic night. Our furry bean bag chairs are a nice choice, wonderfully smooth and soft. But if you want something a little fancier, try out black Midnight Fox fur pattern or white Polar Fox furry cover. These two are our most luxurious materials and give the richest feel. And no matter what pattern you pick, we have plenty of romantic colors. Deep New York Reds, rich blacks, dark browns, and many more. Try out some free samples to see and feel for yourself!

To snuggle up properly, we recommend a mid-size to large Comfy Sack. The 6-foot bean bag chair is our most popular item and great for two adults, although two can squeeze comfortably in a 5-foot sack, too. The loungers are also a great option for couples. Loungers are longer than sacks, so they’re more like a couch. Try cuddling up in a 6-foot furry red lounger made from the most comfortable foam on the market.

So when the winter weather keeps your romantic night indoors, don’t fret. Just sit down together in a super-comfortable foam chair from Comfy Sacks and snuggle up to your hearts’ content.

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Fall Asleep in a Comfy Sack Bean Bag Chair

Shh! Everyone is asleep!  You see, they all just discovered that Comfy Sack large bean bag chairs are so ridiculously comfortable that they could curl up and take a nap right there! But perhaps that’s just the mark of a good piece of furniture. You can fall asleep on a good couch or a good recliner, so why not make a bean bag chair that good, too?

comfy_sack_bean_bagHow do you fall asleep on a bean bag chair, you ask? Well, first we fill it with our specialty shredded furniture foam. The foam is far softer, smoother, and more malleable than actual styrofoam bean pellets. In some ways, it’s similar to memory foam, though a bit softer. In fact, you could say it’s  like lying back in a cloud. On top of that, you can move it around to find the perfect groove for your body.

So that’s the inner workings, but what about the covers? They have to be comfortable, too, in order to fall asleep. However, that part is entirely up to you and what you prefer. Suede is our basic fabric, a fairly smooth and simpler material. However, we also have big furry bean bag chairs to nuzzle up against. Or maybe the New York Red pebble sack is more your taste, smooth ripples in a rich, deep color. The Comfy Cords are another material we offer, which is like  corduroy, a fabric found on many couches and chairs, so you know it’s good stuff!  We also have  some specialty materials, so you can relax in a leather bean bag chair, or one of our unique furry  fox materials. Talk about soft and smooth! It’s easy to curl up and just drift away.  You can feel all of our fabrics by ordering free fabric samples!

dog-on-comfy-sackOf course, you have to get the right size. For kids, our  3.5-foot or 5-foot sacks might work, but the larger sack chairs work for anybody – even pets! Our most popular size is the 6-foot bean bag chair (we call it a sack). It’s big enough for most any adult to curl up or even two adults to snuggle! And the 8-foot whopper of a chair won’t let you down, either. However, for a variation on the traditional bean bag shape, you might try a Comfy Sack lounger. Our loungers are made from the same material, but they’re oblong in shape, instead of circular. That way, you can stretch long-ways for a good nap without taking up as much room in your house. The loungers range from 5 feet to 7.5 feet long. Don’t forget the accessories! We have soft head pillows and cozy blankets, too! So turn out the  lights, close your eyes, and get comfy in a Comfy Sack. Sweet dreams!

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Comfy Sacks Large Bean Bag Chairs – Built To Last

Buying furniture is hard. When you’re spending hundreds of dollars on a living room set, office chair, or man cave equipment, you want the best bang for your buck. We’ve talked on and on about how endlessly comfortable the Comfy Sack large bean bag chair is, but we also know that comfort isn’t necessarily enough. Who wants to dish out a couple hundred bucks for something that’s only going to last a year or less, then die?  Good furniture lasts years and years, so that’s why we at Comfy Sacks have designed our foam bean bag chairs to endure the test of time. Here’s how we create your large bean bag chair to last throughout the years.


Comfy Sack Withstands A Military TankHow many furniture companies offer a three-year warranty on their products (without having to buy an extended warranty)? Not very many. The best you’ll find is one year. But we are this confident about our sacks. They are built with high-quality materials designed to withstand normal wear and not simply fall apart at the slightest provocation.  We’ve tested them with roughhousing children and even an military tank! The warranty covers the cover and the liner, and we rarely have to replace them because they’re made to endure.  But wait, you say, that’s just the liner and the cover. “What about the foam inside?” Our shredded foam is hard to really hurt, seeing as it’s…well, shredded. “But what if the foam gets lost? And even the best bean bag chairs deflate over time, right? Then I’ll have to buy a whole new bean bag chair.” Actually, no!


If, for some extremely strange reason, you ever lose Comfy foam or you  just feel like you need more fluff in your life, you can order some replacement bean bag filling (we call it Comfy Foam!) from us on our Accessories page. The shredded foam replacement pods are $47 or $64 depending on the size, which is way more affordable than buying a whole new sack!


Also on our Accessories page, are replacement options for liners and covers.  You may never need a replacement liner, but if you do, we’ve got them. Or what if you have a home makeover and change your décor and the Comfy Sack bean bag cover doesn’t match? Our high quality covers are much more affordable than buying all new furniture, so just change the cover/liner and you’re set!

dog on comfy sackWASHER-FRIENDLY

We love our Comfy Sacks, but we can’t claim they’re dirty-proof. One special feature is that our covers are machine-washable! Our liners will keep the foam in the bag while the cover gets a good clean. Unfortunately, we have one exception: the Faux Leather sack is spot-clean only. Check out our FAQ page for more details.

As you can see, the Comfy Sack was built to last, but even if it doesn’t, we have you and your wallet covered.

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Comfy Sacks Adult Bean Bag Furniture; A True Story

When you write for the Comfy Sacks bean bag furniture company, it helps to know what you’re talking about. That’s why my wife and I got one of our own. We decided on the 5-foot bean bag chair, microsuede Cocoa color.

My wife wasn’t originally thrilled at the prospect. “A big bean bag chair? Really?” I guess I understand. She used to have a cheapo bean bag chair with squeaky pellets inside that would go flat in a month. I did too, as a matter of fact, and it was fun, but the novelty wore off.

5 ft bean bag chairBut this is a Comfy Sack, made with real shredded furniture foam. The package arrived while I  was at work, and my wife assembled the thing herself. (Well, assembling isn’t much more than zipping the cover onto the sack, but she did a great job!) She hasn’t gotten out of it since.  She absolutely loves to just lie down in the Comfy Sack, whether she’s reading a book, talking to me, or just resting from the day. Every time she lies down, she gets a little giggle and snuggles up with the giant sack.  “I could easily fall asleep in this thing!”

The five-foot foam chair was perfect for our living room. Our new apartment had a slightly odd living room setup, so we couldn’t put keep both the couch and the loveseat in the room. For a while, we only had a couch, but we had a great big blank spot right next to the TV, in the corner of the room, next to a window. What a perfect spot for a Comfy Sack foam bag chair!

And it’s not just my wife who loves it. I find myself just flopping down on the giant sack for fun. I’m not even tired, I just like to plop. You really can’t do that anywhere else besides a bed. Speaking of beds, we’ve both nearly fallen asleep on the Comfy Sack. It’s so soft and smooth, and doesn’t squeak like old-school bean bag chairs, so we can easily drift off. I can’t tell you how adorable it is to come into the living room and find my wife curled up in her Comfy Sack adult bean bag chair with a pillow and a blanket, eyes closed, appearing at perfect peace with the world.

But I think our favorite thing to do is cuddle. We’re a touchy-feely couple and the suede sack feels great. It cushions our bodies perfectly and the five-foot size sack  is just big enough for the two of us to cozy up for the winter.

In short, we love our Comfy Sack. It’s the perfect chair for ultimate relaxation. We are even planning a night when we move the coffee table, put the Comfy Sack in front of our couch, and  have a movie or game night. We also have curled-up naps and cozy date nights in our future. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Comfy Sacks: The Cozier Bean Bag Sack

Brr! Boy, the weather outside is frightful, but Comfy Sacks are so delightful.  It’s January now, so we are right in the middle of the coldest months of the year. But all the snow and cold outside just make Comfy Sacks bean bag chairs all the more comfortable inside.

Comfy Sacks are great “winter chairs.” By that, we mean they’re the perfect place to wait out  those dark days and cold nights. Maybe you’re wiling away the evenings indoors, maybe you’re  just coming in from a snowball fight, maybe you have the entire day off thanks to a blizzard. The Comfy Sack is the perfect place to be in all these situations and more. comfy sack lounger

Why don’t you cozy on up to a nice cup of cocoa, tea, or coffee and a good book? Comfy Sack  bean bag chairs are made of shredded furniture foam, so they’re incredibly comfy and like to  fluff up around you a bit, so you can make your own little nook while reading your Nook!  E-readers, regular books, whatever you like, as long as you have a warm drink to fill you up  while you watch the frost crawl up the window panes.

comfy sack gaming chairWhat’s that? Books aren’t your thing? Well, all right, how about movie chair or a gaming chair, then?  You need a place to sit for movies and video games, don’t you? Order up a Comfy Sack and plop down in front of  the tube to watch those movie marathons you’ve been putting off for a blizzard. Maybe you got some new games for Christmas and need a great place to enjoy them.

Being the most  comfortable foam bag chairs out there, why not give the Comfy Sacks a chance to make you  happy? Of course, there’s something even more fun than just reading or watching TV alone, and that’s  snuggling up with someone you really care about. Boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, a child, pet or just  somebody that you reeeeaaallly trust, Comfy Sacks are great places to cuddle up and keep warm.

Hey, winter is cold, and two people are warmer than one. In fact, you can even order a Comfy Throw, our uber-soft blanket that will make you squirm with delight.  Our suggestion for any of these activities is a standard size sack. Too small and you can’t really  cozy up in the sack without your feet laying off. Too large, and you can’t quite call it “cozy,” can  you?

Try out the 5-foot or 6-foot sacks, both excellent sizes for one adult or two cuddlebugs. Try out our smooth furry bean bag chairs, or even our specialty Midnight Fox/Polar Fox materials for extra coziness. Baby, it’s cold outside. You need a nice and comfy spot inside to warm you up after a long trek  through the freezing fog. Pour yourself something hot. Grab a book, a remote, or a loved one, wriggle yourself into a little furniture divot, and let the Comfy Sack take you away into someplace warm and wonderful.

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Comfy Sacks Make Great Christmas Gifts!

Holiday shopping is well underway, and Christmas will quickly be upon us. But there’s still  plenty of time to get that special someone that special something. Why don’t you take a look at the Comfy Sack line of bean bag furniture? It’s a wonderful gift and a perfect surprise for Christmas.

Even Santa loves to rest on a Comfy Sack after a long night in the sky!

Even Santa loves to rest on a Comfy Sack after a long night in the sky!

Comfy Sacks are bean bag chairs for grown-ups (okay, kids, too). Gone are the days of annoying  Styrofoam beans that go flat in less than a year and squeak or rattle every time you move. For our chairs, we use shredded furniture foam, which is designed  to expand and endure for years to come This is real furniture we’re dealing with, not novelties, so a Comfy Sack foam chair is a great  investment into a long-lasting product. We even include a 3-year warranty on all of our products,  so you can rest easy.

The other fun thing about the Comfy Sacks is the sheer variety. Comfy Sacks come in two basic  types: foam chair and foam lounger. Loungers are simply longer while sacks are circular. But from there, your options abound. We have great big bean bag chairs, even as huge as 8 feet! We also have smaller ones for smaller spaces like dorms and apartments, or just for kids.

And within those sizes is a wealth of colors and materials. You can have a brown suede bean bag  chair. Or perhaps a  New York red pebble variety . Maybe you would like one of our six furry  bean bag chair styles? If corduroy is your thing, we have black, green, blue, and several more!  Some sizes even have twill patterns, which come in camouflage, polka-dot, peace-sign, and  more.

Then there are our specialty materials, the ones we take extra pride in. First is a faux leather  chair, all the feel and style without the leader price tag! We also have  Midnight Fox and Polar fox varieties, which are a super-luxurious kind of furry material, extra soft and rich. Midnight Fox is  black, Polar Fox is white.

Both are great additions to any home. But there’s one more fun thing about getting a Comfy Sack for Christmas, and that’s the complete surprise! It’s hard to disguise a giant bean bag chair, right? Not with us! Order one of  our chairs and it will come in a simple box (though it may be large). Just wrap it up and no one  will be able to guess that its rigid form will become soft and cozy upon assembly. Check out our entire online store and avoid the horrible holiday lines.

There is still plenty of time to get your Comfy Sack by Christmas Day.  Check out our holiday delivery map and order by the date shown for your delivery area.