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Comfy Sacks: The Thinking Man’s (Or Woman’s) Chair

Posted by Administrator on 6/18/2015 to Articles

Picture the great thinkers in your mind. Sherlock Holmes is an easy one, leaning over in his chair, staring intently into the fire, wondering how the pieces of his latest mystery fit together. Maybe Einstein, up late at the lab, poring over his notes with complex math equations floating about his mind. Or perhaps someone more modern, like the late Steve Jobs, piecing together bits of hardware to design the latest technological masterpiece.

Great Big Sack Chairs For Those Who Need Them

Posted by Administrator on 6/11/2015 to Articles

Do you know why they created a “Big and Tall” store? Because the clientele of big and tall people existed. People come in all shapes and sizes and need to be catered to in their own way. For the average Joe, this is pretty simple as practically every place caters to them. But for the bigger and taller folks of the world, it can get kind of uncomfortable. But in one area, you don’t have to be uncomfortable. Comfy Sacks has bean bag chairs ranging from kid-size to adult size–any adult!

Comfy Sacks Can Do What Traditional Furniture Can’t

Posted by Administrator on 5/30/2015 to Articles

When we talk about our luxury large foam furniture, you might have said to yourself, “Why on Earth would I want a bean bag chair when I can just have a regular old armchair, maybe even a recliner? And who needs a sack lounger when you have an actual couch, right?” Those are very valid questions: why would someone choose a bean bag chair over traditional furniture? Today, we’re here to answer those questions.

Have a Ladies Night In With Comfy Sacks

Posted by Administrator on 5/6/2015 to Articles
With the rainy season coming and the temperature unable to make up its mind, getting out can be a little tricky in the winter and spring months. So, when it’s time to get all the girls together, young, old, or somewhere in between, Comfy Sacks is here to help make your gal’s night even more comfortable.