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Office Bean Bag Chairs You’ll Love to Work In

Posted by on 7/21/2022

The future is now. No longer restricted to just movie nights, bean bags are now available for all sorts of uses—including for work! That’s right: with Comfy Sacks, you no longer need to sacrifice comfort while you work. Whether you’re in the office or working from home, we guarantee that we have a bean bag lounger you (and your back) will love.

Our Best Bean Bag Chairs for the Office

The following loungers might not make the workday go by faster, but they can help the day go by more comfortably for you (and your at-home “coworkers”).

1. Best Overall for the Office

Feel like a CEO when you choose our 5-foot Comfy Sack, the very same bean bag that Apple Computer bought to outfit their creative rooms in their California HQ! It’s no secret why Apple Computer chose this specific Comfy Sack, either: its lush exterior fabrics and high-quality foam make for seriously comfy lounging during a long brainstorming session.

2. Best Extra Large Bean Bag Chair

Some people like to move around a little while they work, and that’s okay. But they need a place to sit that can accommodate constant repositioning. That’s where our largest bean bag sack comes in.

Bigger really is better with our 8-foot bean bag sack. And, you won’t have to worry about your Comfy Sack flattening over time. All of our sacks contain shredded polyurethane foam filler, the same type of foam that is a key ingredient in memory foam you can find in luxury mattresses. So, when you buy this foam bean bag chair over other seating options, you know you’re getting something that can stand the test of time. What more could you ask for when searching for office seating?

3. Best for Tight Spaces (Without Feeling Restricted)

It’s time to upgrade your home office or living room furniture. Our flagship, ultra soft 6-foot bean bag is the perfect replacement for your old clunky desk chair while still being small enough to fit in most apartments and smaller homes. Working from home has never been cozier!

4. Best for Online Schooling

If your little one wants to sit in during your (home) office hours, why not give them their own place to do just that? Or, why not make their own virtual schooling more comfortable?

Our Comfy Mini Lounger is made specially with youngsters in mind. Unlike a classic bean bag filled with loud and messy polystyrene beads, our bags contain silent shredded polyurethane. Even better, like all Comfy Sacks, this lounger comes with a machine-washable cover to make cleaning up messes a breeze, and the durable internal liner can withstand even the rowdiest kids.

5. Best for Furry Coworkers

When you’re working from home, there isn’t much that stands between your cats and your keyboard... unless you give them a better place to rest.

Keep Fluffy happy while minimizing her unannounced appearances during your Zoom meetings. While pets generally love all of our sacks, the Comfy Pillow is popular with four-legged family members for a reason: it’s doggone comfortable! You can arrange it to fit your reclining needs, and the removable cover makes spot-cleaning a breeze.

6. Best Lounger for Typing

Maybe you consider yourself old school and can’t quite get into a typing groove for your latest company report without armrests. This lounger could be just the bean bag chair for you and your home office (or even your actual office).

Many people know that our 5-foot lounge chair is perfect for a game room, dorm room, or family room, but did you also know that it’s the perfect addition to your home office? Thanks to our lounger’s unique shape, it gives the feel of armrests or backrests without being restrictive. For some people, this extra support can make all the difference when typing away at home for work.

Our bean bag chair covers also come in a variety of colors, so you can spruce up your space with a splash of color. Perhaps best of all, this lounger is small enough to fit in most spaces while still able to accommodate an adult. All in all, it is a great way to boost your comfort levels during a long work day.

7. Best Bean Bag Sofa to Kick Up Your Feet While Working

Let’s be honest. Working from home means that, for many people, the sofa has become a new office workspace. That workspace can quickly become uncomfortable when your sofa is old and lumpy.

When working from home, you can kick up your feet and type away with this combo! Our 7.5-foot microsuede sofa sack lounger, when paired with one of our ottomans, gives you a sofa and footstool combo that’s not only stylish, but comfortable as well. The removable, machine-washable microsuede cover comes in a variety of colors, so you can easily match our sacks with your office décor. And the polyurethane foam filling is both comfortable and helps the sack retain its shape over time, no matter how many days you work from home.

Why Choose Comfy Sacks for the Office?

We know what you’re thinking, Really? A bean bag chair for the office?

To which we say, Yes, really!

There are plenty of reasons why bean bags could be a better fit for you than a traditional office chair. The better question is why wouldn’t you choose a bean bag during your office remodeling?


Long working hours can seem even longer when you’re physically uncomfortable. By doing your work from one of our incredibly cozy Comfy Sacks, you’re fighting discomfort so that you only have to worry about one thing: getting your work done.

USA Strong

All Comfy Sacks are made in the USA and come with a five-year warranty on all seams and zippers on both the cover and liner.

Creativity Boost

Some people thrive in traditional office spaces. Others do not. If you fall into this second group, a bean bag chair could be just what you need to get the creative juices flowing on your next project. Ditch the trappings of traditional office culture and grab one of our bean bag chairs, like the 5-foot Comfy Sack that Apple Computers bought to outfit some of their own creative workspaces!

Easy to Clean

At some point, all chairs need to be cleaned. Why not make cleaning a hassle-free experience, then? All of our pillows, ottomans, sacks, and loungers come with removable, machine-washable covers to make cleaning quick and easy.


Our environment can have a major impact on how we work. When we feel secure, relaxed, or inspired, we’re more likely to make better decisions on the job. Our products all come in a wide range of styles and colors. That means a new bean bag sack could seriously enhance the look and feel of your work environment, giving you the boost you need to get through the work day.

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