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Lovesac SquattoMan Compared to Comfy Sack Ottoman

When choosing an ottoman, does it really make a difference which brand you decide to buy from? You bet it does. Apple chose Comfy Sacks to be featured in their “think tank” rooms because our brand promises superior comfort, variety, and pricing. A Comfy Sacks Ottoman, especially when compared to its biggest competitor, LoveSac’s Squattoman, comes in the widest range of fabrics and colors. This means no matter what other furniture you already have, a Comfy Sacks Ottoman will be a harmonious addition to your living space. Additionally, a Comfy Sacks Ottoman is priced at a bargain when compared to a Squattoman; however, the quality of our product has got people talking! We include a 5-year no-hassle warranty with each Comfy Sacks Ottoman. If something should happen to your product, we will take care of the problem. It’s that simple. One more thing: 

Compared to: Lovesac

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Comfy Sack LoveSac
Model Comfy Ottoman SquattoMan
Shipping Time FrameShips SAME day if ordered before 12pm PST (Mon-Fri) with $19 Quickship option. Regular shipping without Quickship option 1-4 days1-4 weeks with in store pickup available on some items
Tank Proof? Yes!
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? ? ?
Filling Shredded Comfy Foam Shredded Durafoam
Cover Warranty5 year warranty on all covers.3-5 year cover warranty depending on the fabric choice.
Quick Ship Fabrics3811
Dimensions 16" x 16" x 10" 13" x 20" x ???
Free Fabric Samples? Yes
Request Samples.
Price $85 Polar Fox $175 Eskimo Phur
Shipping Free Free
Current Clients Apple, Amazon, Zappos, and Groupon ???
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Benefits of a Comfy Sacks Ottoman vs. a Squattoman

Our Ottoman is assembled with as much care as any other Comfy Sack. It has to be durable if it’s going to be used as a foot prop or impromptu seating arrangement. Despite the quality of materials used and careful attention to detail, however, a Comfy Sacks Ottoman is still less than half of the cost of its high-priced competitor, Squattoman. To be exact, our product is $75, and theirs is $175. Which would you choose? It is assuring to know that you can always choose our Ottoman in fabrics and colors that match the Comfy Sacks exactly. All 35 options. With Squattoman, you aren’t guaranteed that it will match your other products.

Comfy Sacks is supported by several big-name brands, such as Apple, Amazon, Zappos, Groupon, and Zazzle. These clients have furnished their corporate offices with our relaxing products. We are proud to proclaim that Comfy Sacks offers the absolute best selection of fabrics, sizes, colors, and value. No other brand on the market can compare. Customers love having so many choices and Comfy Sacks loves delivering comfort. Find which product suits your personality. Order here!

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*This Comparison was taken on February 13, 2018. LoveSac measurements, warranty and prices were taken directly from LoveSac.com. LoveSac is owned and operated by LoveSac Corporation and Comfy Sacks is in no way affiliated with LoveSac. Any comparison data that showed a "???" in the chart, indicates we could not find that data out from their website. We only publish data that we are able to take a screenshot and archive.

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