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Lovesac MovieSac Compared to 5 ft Comfy Sack

Our customers know a good deal when they see one. We’re not just taking about price, either. For example, Apple is one of our clients. . That brand doesn’t really have to choose the cheapest furniture available. Apple decided to purchase Comfy Sacks products for its corporate offices because our quality of materials, range of products, and level of comfort was exactly what the company was looking for. The 5-foot Comfy Sack is often compared to LoveSac’s MovieSac. While their 5-foot bean bag chair is roughly the same size, it differs in some pretty significant ways (which you’ll read about below). People who opt for a MovieSac are eligible for its limited warranty, but they have to go through a product registration process. Comfy Sacks thinks a bit differently. We provide every product we sell with a 5-year no-hassle warranty. If something is wrong, we’ll fix the issue. It is that simple.

Compared to: Lovesac

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Comfy Sack LoveSac
Model 5 ft Sack MovieSac
Shipping Time FrameShips SAME day if ordered before 12pm PST (Mon-Fri) with $19 Quickship option. Regular shipping without Quickship option 1-4 days1-4 weeks with in store pickup available on some items
Tank Proof? Yes!
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? ? ?
Filling Shredded Comfy Foam Shredded Durafoam
Cover Warranty5 year warranty on all covers.3-5 year cover warranty depending on the fabric choice.
Quick Ship Fabrics4011
Dimensions 60" x 60" x 24" 48" x 60" x ?
Free Fabric Samples? Yes
Request Samples.
Price (5 ft Comfy Sack) $310 Polar Fox $850 Eskimo Phur
Shipping Free Free
Current Clients Apple, Amazon, Zappos, and Groupon ???
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Benefits of Comfy Sack vs. MovieSac

As mentioned, MovieSac is the 5-foot Comfy Sack’s greatest competitor. Why? We honestly have no idea. You can buy two Comfy Sacks with the money it requires to purchase a MovieSac (and still have a couple hundred dollars extra). We don’t skimp on the quality of materials, either. If we used cheap fabric or uncomfortable foam, we certainly wouldn’t have the raving testimonials that we do. Our Comfy Sacks wouldn’t survive the intense durability tests we put them through (such as being run over by a battle tank !) Customers also appreciate the variety of textures and colors available to choose from. Unfortunately, MovieSac is available in mostly neutrals or dark shades, while Comfy Sacks can come in your choice of 27 different colors! We are constantly searching for more options in fabrics and colors, so stay tuned.

We’ve already mentioned Apple, but we are honored to have some other big-name brands as clients. Comfy Sacks are packed in the corporate offices of Amazon, Zappos, Zazzle, and Groupon. Just like Apple, these brands have no need to pick the less-expensive option. They just appreciate a quality product when they see one. Our low price tag is merely a bonus! Comfy Sacks all ship within 4 days of purchase, but for those who simply can’t wait, there is a QuickShip option available. QuickShip guarantees that your product will leave our warehouse the same day if ordered before 12pm PST. Sorry, old couch. Your days are numbered. To find out which style of Comfy Sack is right for you, click here to begin the ordering process.

If you need to see more facts, please be our guest. We have plenty more reasons why Comfy Sacks is the number one brand of bean bag furniture. Check out how we compare against other LoveSac products:

*This Comparison was taken on February 13, 2018. LoveSac measurements, warranty and prices were taken directly from LoveSac.com. LoveSac is owned and operated by LoveSac Corporation and Comfy Sacks is in no way affiliated with LoveSac. Any comparison data that showed a "???" in the chart, indicates we could not find that data out from their website. We only publish data that we are able to take a screenshot and archive.

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