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Lovesac Citysac Compared to Comfy Sack 3 ft Sack

When shopping for your child’s foam bag furniture, it can quickly become confusing once you have discovered all of the different options available. You want it to be trendy, durable, and available at a price that won’t break the bank. Comfy Sacks wants to boldly state that our 3 ft product is the best on the market. When adding new furniture to its “think tank” rooms, Apple Computers chose Comfy Sacks because our products are simply the best.  Our low cost includes our 5-year no-hassle warranty, which requires zero product registration.

Compared to: Lovesac

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Comfy Sack LoveSac
Model 3 ft Sack Citysac
Shipping Time FrameShips SAME day if ordered before 12pm PST (Mon-Fri) with $19 Quickship option. Regular shipping without Quickship option 1-4 days. 1-4 weeks with in store pickup available on some items
Tank Proof? Yes!
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? ? ?
Filling Shredded Comfy Foam Shredded Durafoam
Cover Warranty5 year warranty on all covers.3-5 year cover warranty depending on the fabric choice.
Quick Ship Fabrics3811
Dimensions 36" x 36" x 24" 36" x 36" x 36"
Free Fabric Samples? Yes
Request Samples.
Price  $159 $550 - $900
Shipping Free Free
Current Clients Apple, Amazon, Zappos, and Groupon ???
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Something that many of our customers also find very interesting is that Apple Computer Corporation chose the COMFY SACK to completely outfit their Corporate headquarter's creative rooms and 'think tanks'. Apple Computer chose our product over LoveSac and every other foam bag product on the market. They didn't choose us because we were the cheapest, they simply chose us because we are the best.

We were honored to have Apple Computers choose our product over the competition. Apple is a company that is known for making products of the utmost QUALITY and we believe that says something about our company and the quality of products we produce. After sending several product samples for Apple to test out  they chose 5 ft Sacks in the Pebble collection...a very large number of 5 ft Sacks!

Benefits of choosing a Comfy 3 ft Sack vs. CitySac

While these products are similar in size, Comfy Sacks has put more “oomph” into its 3 ft Sack. They are stuffed with quality foam that nearly doubles the weight of Citysac products. That’s how you know it’s durable. It feels like it will last for years because it will! Even though our product reigns supreme, the competition, Citysac, is still priced way higher than our 3 ft Sack. Finally, while our 3 ft Comfy Sack isn’t available in the standard options of fabrics and colors, we do have more variations than Citysac.

We’re proud to have furnished the corporate offices of some of this country’s most successful brands, such as Apple, Amazon, Groupon, Zappos, and Zazzle. Ever heard of ‘em?! Without our commitment to quality and, of course, comfort, we wouldn’t have such satisfied testimonials from these clients. Comfy Sacks is also happy to boast the greatest selection of fabrics, sizes, styles, and colors in this industry. No one can touch us! Look through our fabulous selection of Comfy Sacks and order the one that speaks to you.

Not swayed yet? No problem – check out how we compare against other LoveSac products:

*This Comparison was taken on February 13, 2018. LoveSac measurements, warranty and prices were taken directly from LoveSac.com. LoveSac is owned and operated by LoveSac Corporation and Comfy Sacks is in no way affiliated with LoveSac. Any comparison data that showed a "???" in the chart, indicates we could not find that data out from their website. We only publish data that we are able to take a screenshot and archive.

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