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It's Easy Being (a) Green Bean Bag Chair

Posted by on 12/6/2022

When Kermit said "it's easy being green," he was talking about lounging in one of our premium green bean bag chairs.*

*For legal and other copyright reasons, this statement is a joke.

Lounging in one of our green bean bags is an unforgettable experience, like being hugged by a super soft and totally-not-radioactive-green teddy bear. Trust us; you'll love every minute of it.

Our 5 Best Green Bean Bags

Forget everything you know about furniture upholstery. Our microsuede bean bag chair covers come in stunning Aqua Marine and fresh Lime colors (among many, many others) to complement any home decor. Even better, they mimic the softness of suede while roughly possessing the durability of a 1950s refrigerator.

Best Oversized Bean Bag Chair - 8-foot Sack

Life is better with a big bean bag, specifically our 8-foot Sack. This extra-large bean bag chair swallows you (and up to 5 others) in the best way possible—with complete and total comfort. You can also be sure that this jumbo-sized Sack will withstand the test of time; all of our products are made right here in the U S of A and come with a 5-year warranty!

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Best Kids Bean Bag Chair - Kids Lounger

The only guarantees in life are death, taxes, and kids being loud and messy. We can't help you with your mortality or W2s, but we can help you make your children's playroom just a bit cleaner and quieter with our Kids Lounger. Inside, you'll find no noisy, easy-to-swallow polystyrene beads. Just soft, wonderfully silent memory foam filler. It's all encased in a durable liner and machine-washable cover.

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Best Classic Bean Bag Chair - 5-foot Sack

Apple pie, baseball, our 5-foot Comfy Sack—there's something you just can't help but love about these classics. When you want to say goodbye to your boring old recliner, why not welcome our 5-foot Sack into your home? We believe it'll provide the comfort and Cool Factor you've been missing in your living room.

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Best Bean Bag Sofa - 7.5-foot Lounger

Kings of years past couldn't even imagine the splendor and comfort of our 7.5-foot Lounger. Upgrade your living room furniture with our massive lounger bean bag. It comfortably seats multiple people while bringing your family room into the 21st century. Best of all, it comes with a machine-washable cover, making cleanup way easier than whatever your grandma's old loveseat has going on.

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Best for Dorm Rooms - 3-foot Sack

This lean, mean, green bean bag is the perfect gaming chair for all-night video game tournaments or being the supportive sofa chair your studious student needs for late-night studying. And its tiny size means this comfy bean bag can squish into even the most overcrowded of dorm rooms. Throw in the fact that this super-small bean bag comes with a removable cover for easy cleanup, and you have the perfect gift for anyone getting ready to attend college.

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