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Frolic in Fields of Gray Bean Bag Chairs

Posted by on 4/12/2023

Our gray Sacks are the perfect blend of professional and fun, giving you a comfortable place to play, focus, or relax in the family room, the office, or game room. Best of all, gray goes with any interior style and home décor, so you’ll never worry about your beloved Sack becoming a color-clashing eyesore. Quite the contrary; we believe our gray Sacks elevate every room they’re in.

Our 5 Best Gray Bean Bag Chairs

We offer a respectable variety of gray Sacks, including Microsuede Charcoal and Furry Charcoal. Here are our top 5 Sacks that can come with a gray bean bag chair cover.

Best Bean Bag Sofa - 7.5-Foot Lounger

We tell it like it is, and we’re here to tell you that your living room furniture needs a facelift. or a bean bag lift, to be specific. Replace your boring reclining chair or sectional with our 7.5-foot lounger, and be amazed at how much more open and fun your family room becomes.

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Best for the Dorm Room - 5-Foot Sack

Some pairs are meant to be. Peanut butter and jelly. Hall and Oates. Dorm rooms and bean bags. Don’t deny your college student the privilege of lounging about in a dorm room on a Comfy Sack. Having a bean bag floor chair is an integral part of the university experience.

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Best Oversized Bean Bag Chair - 8-Foot Sack

When you’re feeling down, let one of our extra-large bean bag chairs lift you up. Or at least support you as you go through a tub of ice cream. This 8-foot Sack won’t judge you, even if you get crumbs or stains on the upholstery. Simply remove and throw the washable cover into the washing machine and get back to the ice cream. Your giant bean bag will be waiting.

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Best Lounger Bean Bag - 6-Foot Lounger

Make a statement with your next accent chair by making it an accent bean bag chair. Filled with memory foam-like filler that contours to the shape of your body, this 6-foot bean bag sofa chair offers you the shredded foam support you need without the noise of polystyrene beads found in traditional bean bags.

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Best for Playing Video Games - 5-Foot Lounger

Gaming chairs can be expensive and not even stand the test of time. Our jumbo lounge chair Sacks are competitively priced and come with a 5-year warranty, so you can enjoy game nights in comfort and style for years to come. And, if this Sack is for the kids, rest assured that an internal double zipper secures the inner filling, keeping it away from curious children.

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