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Foof Chairs Comparison

Comfy Sacks and Foof Chairs: Which is Better?

More and more people are starting to turn away from the couch or those old bean bag chairs as the optimal seating arrangement for their home theater rooms, family rooms or game rooms and are instead buying oversized bean bags to relax on.

Several large manufacturers are now making bean bag couches, and there are a lot of options out there, which can be confusing to the consumer. We will walk you through the differences and similarities of the Comfy Sack bean bag chair and Foof Chairs aka Poof Chairs. To check out our bean bags Gallery that has pictures of all the products we sell click here.

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Comfy Sack Foofs
Model 6 ft Lounger 6 ft XL Foof Chair
Tank Proof? Yes!
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Filling Shredded Comfy Foam Shredded Urethane Foam
Warranty 3 Year NO HASSLE Warranty on both Cover and Liner. 1 Year Warranty
Micro Suede Colors Chocolate, Cocoa, Black, Cinnabar, Charcoal, Navy, Camel, Olive, Sage, Hunter, Purple, Pink and Royal Blue Chocolate, Camel, Black, Cinnabar, Sky, Pink, Charcoal, Cocoa, Purple, Hunter, Sage and Olive
Standard Fabrics/Colors Offerred 42 12
Made 100% USA USA/China
Dimensions 72" x 36" x 36" 70" x 48" x 36"
Free Fabric Samples? YES!
Request Samples.
Price (6 ft Micro Suede Sack, cover, & shipping) $265.00 $427.99
Shipping $1 $30-$50
Current Clients Apple, Amazon, Zappos, and Groupon ???
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First, there is one thing that all foam bag chairs these days have in common, and that's the use of a shredded polyurethane foam. Each manufacturer has slightly different kinds of foam and sizes of foam that they use, which affects the comfort. Generally all oversized bean bag chairs on the market today use this comfortable foam that is worlds apart from the stuff put in old bean bags . Comfy Sacks use a very high grade of polyurethane foam which is what sets it in a league of it's own when it comes to comfort. In fact we use top quality furniture foam that has no rough edges or rock hard pieces. We pride ourselves in having our bean bag products filled with the softest and most comfortable foam available. That's not something the Foof Chair can offer because they use scrap foam. They literally use the SAME foam that is used to make carpet padding. You will get some good pieces of foam but chances are that half of the foam in their large bean bag chairs will be sub par foam. We are able to offer this because we have a steady supply of top quality urethane foam coming off our other furniture lines. This foam is premium furniture grade which makes all the difference in comfort.

Something that many of our customers also find very interesting is that Apple Computer Corporation chose the COMFY SACK to completely outfit their Corporate headquarter's creative rooms and 'think tanks'. Apple Computer chose OUR product over both LoveSac and Foof Chair and every other foam bag product on the market. They didn't choose us because we were the cheapest, they chose us because we are the BEST!!! We offer the softest and most comfortable foam bag chairs on the market and at a great price.

Apple wanted an ultra comfortable beanbag chair that they could use in their think tanks to think of cool stuff like iPhones and iPads. The Comfy Sack was the perfect fit and as you read this Apple employees enjoying our comfy beanbags.


You could actually end up spending more for the cover of your Foof Chair than you would for an entire bean bag couch if you bought a Comfy Sack. Don't be fooled on price alone though. We sell directly to our customers from our factory while Foof Chairs distributes their products to resellers who mark up the costs in order to make a profit. Our products are priced less than both Love Sacks and Foof Chairs in order to make it cost effective to get on of our great products. Comfy Sacks are a great value and offer wonderful options for comfort, durability and flexibility of living that no couch can match.

Here's Just One of our Testimonials...

Sky S. - Newport Beach, CA

"My boyfriend and I were looking to update our entertainment room now that we bought a new HDTV and speaker system. A couch seemed too uncomfortable and conventional; we needed something big enough for us both and would allow us to cuddle up while watching movies. I'm so happy to have found Comfysack - We got the 7.5 ft lounger and I have to say our Comfysack is definitely our best investment this year. No where else can you find such high quality, phenomenal customer service, and great prices like these! All our friends are jealous, and yours will be too!"

Visit our Testimonials page to view more testimonials about how our customers' love their Comfy Sack!

* Both prices include shipping to Indianapolis Indiana, standard warranties, and liners as of November 17, 2009. Foof Chair measurements, warranty and prices were taken from PoofChairs.com

* Our 3 Year warranty started on 11/17/2009. Prior to this date the warranty was 1 year.

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Apple Headquarters
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