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Fluffy Bean Bag Chairs

Posted by on 3/31/2024

Have you ever dreamed of sleeping on a cloud? Yes? Then let us introduce to you our faux fur Comfy Sacks, which aren’t actually clouds, but pretty much the next best thing. You can check our online testimonials populated by countless 5-star ratings if you need further convincing. Trust us. We know comfy bean bags, and we can craft the perfect fluffy bean bag chair for your home, office, or dorm.

Our Top 5 Fluffiest Sacks Ever

Our Sacks have graced the headquarters of Apple, Amazon, and other household-name companies. Why? It’s simple. We make superior products.

It all starts with our super soft foam filling, which conforms to the shape of your body while you lounge in it, yet bounces back as soon as you leave it. This way, your Sack can keep its unique shape for years to come. It’s all wrapped up in a durable inner liner to keep kids from digging into our memory foam-like filler.

But we don’t stop there. Everything is wrapped up in premium machine-washable covers. Besides our ultra-soft faux fur covers (Furry Fabrics or Premium Fabrics), we also offer bean bag covers in a variety of other textures, including microsuede, premium pebble, and corduroy. You can even choose the color of your Sack, from classic colors like navy to fun pops of color like yellow lemon.

Ready for the comfiest experience of your life? Check out our top 5 fluffiest bean bag products ever.

5-Foot Sack

Our 5-foot Sack is one of our long-time bestsellers, and it’s easy to see why. It makes itself right at home anywhere, be it the office,dorm room,living room, or kids room. And when you choose one of our fluffy faux fur bean bags, you’ll make yourself right at home too, no matter where you are.

Our 5-foot Sack comes in classic colors like black and gray. Our standard Furry Fabrics also give you a burst of color with purple and red options. What are you waiting for? Your ultimate accent chair is here!


Comfy Throw

The fluff of your dreams awaits with our Comfy Throw, our nearly 6-pound throw blanket that is made of our super high-quality Furry Fabric. It comes in all the colors you want, too: crème, charcoal, chocolate, and black. Unlike other fluffy throw blankets on the market, ours is fluffy on both sides, so you’ll always be blanketed by ultimate softness. It perfectly complements our other fluffy bean bag chair products, so don’t forget to spoil yourself with this throw.


8-Foot Sack

If you want an adult bean bag, it’s tough to beat our 8-foot giant bean bag chair. It’s over 130 pounds of pure oversized bean bag chair goodness. That’s enough Sack to comfortably fit up to 6 people, truly making it a Sack the whole family can cuddle up on for game or movie nights. And, because our Sacks are filled with premium foam filler, notnoisy polystyrene beads, your 8-foot Sack will be blissfully quiet.

Our Furry Fabrics color options are black, chocolate, purple, and red, so these fluffy Sacks can suit the style of most living rooms. Of course, if you decide you need another color for your Sack, our 8-foot bean bags also come in a variety of other textures, like microsuede, in their own wide array of color options. The sky is the limit!



You deserve more than a standard footstool or floor pillow. You deserve one of our ottomans, which come in Furry Fabrics and Premium Fabrics options in a total of 11 colors. So whether you want to make a statement with our furry pink ottoman or blend into the background with our midnight fox cover, know that this Sack has the versatility you need and the comfort you deserve. It’s the best companion for our larger faux fur bean bag chairs.


7.5-Foot Lounger

Our 7.5-foot bean bag lounger is over 85 pounds and can comfortably fit up to 4 people, making it perfect as either your next bean bag sofa or sofa bed. This Sack comes in 5 Furry Fabrics options (black, chocolate, charcoal, purple, and red), as well as a variety of other color and texture options like microsuede aqua marine and pebble New York red.


Choosing Superior Fluff and Service with Comfy Sacks

Choosing Comfy Sacks means choosing:

What are you waiting for? Check out our whole catalog now!


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