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Into the Blue Bean Bag Chair

Posted by on 12/6/2022

What's big, blue, and needs to be in your living room?

That's right—it's a blue bean bag chair!

Our blue Comfy Sacks add a stylish, calming splash of color to your home décor.

5 Best-Selling Blue Bean Bags

Whether it's for your dorm room or family room, you can be sure that a blue bean bag chair from Comfy Sacks will be the cozy piece of furniture your living space has been missing.

Kids Bean Bag Chair

A bean bag chair for a kid's room? Are you serious? Don't you know how noisy and gross bean bags are!

We know what you're thinking. And we agree—other, more traditional bean bags do have a reputation for being hard to clean and making lots of noise. But not this Comfy Sack.

This small bean bag chair is perfect for your children's playroom. Why? For starters, it's filled with silent shredded foam filling (no noisy polystyrene beads) and comes with a removable cover to make clean-up a breeze. Best of all, our bean bag chair covers come in a variety of textures (such as microsuede, pebbled faux leather, faux fur, and corduroy) and colors (including several shades of blue, like Navy Blue and Royal Blue). This way, your kids get to find a chair that matches their vibrant personality!

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4-foot Small Bean Bag Chair

Trix might just be for kids, but bean bag chairs certainly aren't. Our 4-foot bean bag chair is the smallest standard Comfy Sack we have, making it perfect for teens and young adults. Countless satisfied customers have curled up on our 4-foot Sack for a late-night study session or gaming night with friends. And, thanks to our foam filling, when comfort is this good, all you need to do is focus on having a good time (and not wondering why your back is hurting).

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Classic 5-foot Sack

When in doubt, fall back on the classics, like our 5-foot memory foam bean bag chair. It's the perfect gaming chair for playing video games. It's the ultimate work-from-home desk. It's the wow! factor your dorm room needs. It's just a really, really good bean bag.

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6-foot Bean Bag Lounger

Our favorite tune is obviously "Blue Suede Bean Bag Chair," the little-known Elvis song.

Jokes aside, our 6-foot bean bag lounge chair comes in a variety of textures—including suede!—and colors. That means the possibilities are endless for choosing the next lounger for your living space. Want something calming and relaxing? Try our Microsuede Navy Blue lounger. Craving a fresh, youthful pop? You need to try out our Microsuede Aquamarine bean bag lounger.

With more than enough space for two adults on our 6-foot lounger, we're confident that this Comfy Sack can easily replace your boring old loveseat. Movie nights have never been cozier (in fact, we're, like, 78% sure that our Sack is so cozy you'll fall asleep before the previews finish).

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8-foot Giant Bean Bag

Is bigger really better? We can't say for sure, but we do think our 8-foot Sack is a testament to the greatness of modern engineering (and bean bags).

This large bean bag chair can fit up to six people, meaning that it's never been easier to host Monday night football with a single piece of furniture. The durable internal liner and machine-washable cover ensures that your Sack will stand the test of time (and football season).

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