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Haven't sat in a bean bag chair since you were a kid? You're missing out. Today, bean bags are a lot more than lumpy poufs covered in plastic material that sticks to your legs. Now bean bag chairs are comfortable and relaxing pieces of furniture that look good enough to belong in any living room (or bedroom or dorm).

To find out the best bean bag chair for your needs, keep reading; this guide will show you all the best bean bags on the market and why they're the best choice for you.

The Best Bean Bag Chair for a College Dorm

Living in a cramped dorm room means, there usually isn't much extra space, so a traditional sack bean bag might not fit. That's why we think the Comfy Sacks 5 Ft Bean Bag Chair is the best dorm bean bag chair. Its cozy shape makes it a comfortable place to study for those mid-terms. It's surprisingly lightweight thanks to its memory foam insides, high-quality materials, and can be changed up at any time with additional bean bag chair covers to choose from! While the 5 ft bean bag chair is ideal for many of today's modern dorm rooms and suites, you might also consider a huge bean bag chair by Comfy Sacks.

Comfy Sacks 5-Foot Sack ($230)

The Best Bean Bag Chair for Kids

Kids love to do what adults do, so why not get them a cozy bean bag chair made just for them? The Comfy Sacks Kid Sack is a mini-version of the large bean bag chairs you're used to with the bonus of coming in plenty of different colors that kids will love. This memory foam bean bag chair is extra comfy and durable for kids; you'll never need to replace any foam filling! These bean bags have removable covers with an inner protective liner so you can always wash it. When the comfort suede cover is on, you can rest assured that the kid-proof double zipper will keep kids safe.

Comfy Sacks Kid Sack ($102)

The Best Bean Bag Chair for Video Games

A good gaming bean bag chair needs to support your neck and spine while cradling you in comfort. That's why the 6-foot Comfy Sack is the best choice of the video game bean bags. This oversized bean bag chair is stuffed with furniture-grade memory foam that retains its shape and support while still being incredibly comfortable. It has a microfiber cover that is machine-washable, stain-resistant, and water-resistant. Since these bean bag loungers come in a variety of colors, you can make the gaming room of your dreams—or at least create a great hangout spot in the basement.

Comfy Sacks 6-Foot Sack ($285)

The Best Value Giant Bean Bag Chair

Why buy a sofa when you can buy something more like a sofa sack? This 7-foot bean bag from Comfy Sacks is one of the best bean bag chairs you can buy for the money. With the option of a washable pebble or microsuede cover and filled with furniture-grade foam, this bean bag chair is definitely the best large bean bag chair on the market! Just make sure you're willing to share!

Comfy Sacks 7-Foot Sack ($350)

The Best High-End Bean Bag Chair

Even bean bag chairs can be fancy. Don't take our word for it; check out the 8 Ft bean bag from Comfy Sacks. Our premium bean bag chair has been stuffed with shredded polyurethane to ensure it provides you with the ultimate in comfort —no messy beads here! Curl up in the cozy sack bean bag today. Luxury in a bean bag chair: who knew it was possible!

Comfy Sacks 8-Foot Sack ($499)

The Best Overall Bean Bag Chair

Maybe you just want a normal bean bag chair—a quality bean bag chair you know is going to last. In that case, the 6-Foot Sack from Comfy Sacks and the Comfy Sacks Ottoman is the best bean bag chair combo you can buy. The 6-Foot Sack is what Apple bought for their Cupertino headquarters and is ideal for one adult. Add in the ottoman for added comfort and you'll see why the Comfy Sacks sack and ottoman is the best overall bean bag chair combo on the market.

Comfy Sacks 6-Foot Sack ($285) and Ottoman ($75)

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