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Furniture for children with Autism

As more and more customers purchase our comfortable soft chairs, we are flooded with positive feedback from enthusiastic parents touting the benefits that their disabled children received from the Comfy Sack. One of the communities that have expressed the most passion for our distinctive, adaptive furniture options is that of families with Autistic children.

At Comfy Sacks we’ve been interested in Autism advocacy and education for some time now, our current support of TouchPoint Autism Services of St. Louis is just one of the latest ways we express our ongoing commitment and support to the Autism community.

Our foam bag chairs are the softest on the market and are able to meet the specific sensory needs of children with Autism by creating a feeling of safety, security, and comfort far superior to that of the normal bean bag chair. They create the soothing “deep pressure touch” stimulation first made famous by the research of Dr. Temple Grandin.

The Comfy Sack will become your child’s favorite place to enjoy time with you. Whether it’s learning time with flash cards, reading together, or fun time with television or video games….a Comfy Sack will make your time with your child more special. In our experience we’ve found that our unique 3 in 1 Sack can offer some of the most relaxing seating and resting positions for those with Autism. And for ultimate comfort our favorite fabric by far is the micro suede. It is the best available and is often compared to the feel of falling into a cloud as you sink into its softness.

We also often recommend soft, neutral colors for your Comfy Sack, since many Autistic children sometimes experience sensory overload. Every situation is different though, and there will always be some parents who know their child will prefer or respond better to a bright, bold color. No matter what options you select, Comfy Sacks offer the highest quality foam and fabric (complete with its own liner) for half the price of other similar products sold in malls.

Many parents have learned that simply investing in the right furniture can make a big difference for their Autistic children and in their homes.

Casey on his Comfy Sack

"Our son Casey loves his new Comfy Sack. It's a great piece of furniture that relaxes our Autistic son. In fact the very first night we had it, he slept on it! Now that's comfort."

(in fact Casey sleeps on his Comfy Sack nightly because he loves the feeling of being surrounded by the Comfy Sack)

Cheri and Kevin O'Day - Indianapolis, IN
- Educators and parents of Casey O'Day

Testimonial from Autistic Services Inc.

The Education Program at Autistic Services Inc. provides services for 72 students with autism spectrum disorders, ages 5 to 21. Our students may be sensitive to noise, scents, or sights in their environment. This sensitivity can lead to decreased focus and attention, as well as behavioral issues. They often need breaks throughout their day to provide an opportunity for relaxation and self-calming in order to improve their focus and attention to classroom tasks. Autistic Services has three “sensory rooms” available for the students, all of which are designed with specialized lighting, music and furniture to facilitate relaxation in a calming environment.

We have been using Comfy Sacks in our sensory rooms for the past several years. These bean bag chairs are large enough for one of our older students or two of our younger students to sit or lie on. They conform to the body which provides comforting input for relaxation. They are also heavy duty enough to allow for the students to jump or fall onto the Comfy Sack which provides the heavy input many of our students crave. The variety of textures available for the covers also allow our students to enjoy different types of touch input.

Comfy Sacks are well designed. When the Comfy Sack gets dirty, the outer cover can be removed and washed in a washing machine. The cover is designed to be easy for one person to take off or put on. Comfy Sacks are durable, and can take a lot of heavy duty use. The customer service at Comfy Sacks has been friendly and helpful, and responded quickly the few times I have had to contact them.

Comfy Sacks are a wonderful addition to the sensory rooms at Autistic Services Inc. They provide a comfortable piece of furniture that provides relaxing input to people with autism or other sensory needs. We have often recommended them to classrooms and families looking for sensory equipment for their children and students.

Elizabeth M. Tenace OTR/L
N.Y.S. Licensed Occupational Therapist
Autistic Services, Inc.

Benefits of Comfy Sacks verse Bean Bag Chairs for children with Autism

- Comfy Sacks are very large and provide a feeling a security to children with Autism. Many Autistic children even sleep in their Comfy Sacks nightly because of the way the Comfy Sack feels to them.

- Comfy Sacks use the softest foam and softest material for our covers to meet your childrens sensory needs. There is no loud crunchy noise like a traditional bean bag chair.

- Comfy Sacks use urethane foam which has a memory to it which allows your sack to 'bounce' back into its original form over and over again. You will never need to throw out the Comfy Sack because it lost is 'poof'.

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