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Bean Bags for Teens: The BEST. GIFT. EVER.

Posted by on 8/29/2022

Looking for a gift idea for your teen? Look no further! We have something that will blow their mind! Imagine the look on their face when they see that you got them a GIANT bean bag chair that’s practically the size of them!

No piece of furniture says comfort like a classic bean bag chair, and no teen's room would be complete without one. Bean bag chairs are perfect for sitting or lying comfortably while they hang out with their friends after a long day in the classroom. These types of chairs are ideal for teens that think comfort and style are of the utmost importance. The best bean bag chairs for teens come in a variety of colors and styles, and are able to fit in with all of their other furniture and room décor.

Best for Gaming: 5 FT SACK

These days, teens spend hours playing video games, so why not provide a comfy place for them to sit? Our 5-foot Comfy Sack has been featured in many of the popular Gaming magazines as the preferred gaming chair because it is the perfect addition to a game room, basement, kid’s room, or living room. Perhaps best of all, our 5-foot sack is small enough to fit in most spaces while still being large enough to fit up to two teens OR keep up with any growing teenage boy.

Best For Studying: 7 FT SACK

For those long study nights, they will need the most durable and comfortable place to sit. Our 7-foot Comfy Sack no longer have beans in them, but a urethane foam that is super soft. This foam ensures that this large bean bag chair will not only last a long time, but will also retain its shape no matter how long they decide to sit or lay on it. At some time during the night after a study break, the student will have a difficult decision to make: retire to their bed or remain in their comfy bean bag chair.

Best For If They’re Limited On Space: Comfy Pillow

A teen’s room can be a jumble of socks and clothes strewn about. The Comfy Pillow is perfect for if your teen is wanting a spot to chill, but may not have enough room. It is our most versatile product we offer and has quickly become a bestseller. They can arrange it to fit their reclining needs; for example, it can be used as an ultra comfortable chair for one person or can be propped up against a couch or wall to comfortably seat two people. The Comfy Pillow is also great for watching movies while using it as a huge pillow to rest on.

Best for Bookworm Teens: 5 FT Lounger

Our 5-foot lounge chair is perfect for your teen to curl up with a book. Because of its unique shape, large size, backrests, AND armrests, your bookworm can easily sit up and read long into the nighttime. Our bean bag chair covers also have so many options to choose from, so they can spruce up their space with many different splashes of color. And because they are removable, it makes spot-cleaning easy for any parent.

Best For If They Have a Lot of Friends Over: Bean Bag Sofa

A place for everyone to sit! Our 7.5-foot microsuede sofa sack lounger is sure to keep everyone comfortable and cozy during their next Netflix show binge or movie night. The microsuede bean bag cover comes in many styles and colors, and the fact that it is removable/machine-washable means that soda, popcorn, and all manner of snacks can be dropped on there but easily cleaned. Finally, the polyurethane foam filling is not only beyond comfy, but it helps the sack retain its shape over time, no matter how many teens plop down onto it.

Why Comfy Sacks Make Great Gifts

Bean bag chairs not only make great gifts for teens, but everyone else in the family. Why? Because they fit in anywhere! They make a great addition to the the home office, family room, living room, and playroom. You can give someone style, comfort, and convenience—all in one gift! Here are some other great benefits for getting your teen a comfy sack for their birthday, holiday, or just about any reason!

  • Seriously comfortable - Our foam filling contours to your body for a seriously comfortable lounging session.
  • Removable covers - They're stain-resistant, durable, machine-washable, and come in a variety of different colors and textures (microsuede, pebble, furry, faux leather, and more).
  • Soft interior liner - Even more protection and comfort (you're welcome).
  • 5-year warranty - We know our loungers are built to last. We stand by that with a 5-year warranty.
  • Durable - Why do you think we offer an industry-leading 5-year warranty?
  • Competitive pricing - Big bean bags can be pricey. But we don't just want Comfy Sacks to be for the ultra rich. That's why we offer fair, competitive pricing for our products.
  • Outstanding customer service - At the end of the day, everything we do is for you.
  • Made in the USA - USA-strong is the name of our game.

Just wait. You’ll see your teen’s jaw drops when they see that you got them a bean bag chair. Get yours today!

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