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Bean Bag Living Room Ideas

Posted by on 3/13/2024

Comfy Sacks knows that you are a person of style, taste, and culture. Our Sacks and accessories are the perfect bits of flair that can bring together your entire living area. From statement pieces to classic sets, here are the bean bag living room ideas you need to make your space pop (and feel more comfortable than ever before).

Bean Bag Interior Design Ideas to Make Your Rooms Pop

You don’t need to be an expert on living room design to know that Comfy Sacks are where it’s at... and where you can rest comfortably for years to come.

Replace the Sofa

Look at your sofa. Now look at our Sacks and loungers. Look at your sofa. Now look at our Sacks again. Ask yourself: isn’t it time to treat yourself to a nice bean bag sofa or giant bean bag chair? The answer to that question is absolutely yes! Upgrade your boring sectional with the multi-person bean bag seating options that will make your space stand out. With one of our bean bag chairs or loungers, you get the same comfort and seating space as a traditional couch plus a nice contrast in furniture shape and style to the rest of the room.

So, when it comes to optimal living room comfort, we recommend ditching your sofa and replacing it with either our 7.5-foot lounger or our 8-foot Sack. The bean bag lounge chair can comfortably fit up to 4 people and features a backrest to complete the sofa look. Our monstrous 8-foot Sack can seat up to six people while sporting the classic bean bag look you know and love.



Upgrade the Kids’ Corner

Your children’s room doesn’t have to be boring. Add some life to the kids’ room or corner of your living room by including one of our Kids Loungers or Kid Sacks. They are perfect for small spaces, are easy to clean as they come with a machine-washable cover, contain a durable inner liner with a locking zipper, and are filled with silent memory foam-like filler.

Our Sacks come in a variety of colors and textures, so any child can find one that suits their style and sensory needs.



Grab an Ottoman

Maybe you don’t want to ditch your old loveseat, but you still feel that your living room decor is lacking a certain something. We know what you’re missing. A bean bag ottoman. Snuggle it right up to a coffee table, side table, or recliner, and voilà—you have the statement piece you’ve been missing. Even better, your tired feet will thank you every time they prop up on our Sacks, lounging about like royalty.


Don’t Forget the Reading Nook

Book lovers know that choosing the right seat is absolutely critical to completing any reading nook. For small rooms or a corner of the living room dedicated to reading, we believe that one of our Pillow Sacks is the way to go. It has everything you love about our Sacks—the right support and oh-so-comfortable feel—along with everything you love about normal chairs: a backrest and headrest! You can easily snuggle up next to your bookshelves when you lounge with this Sack.


Location, Location, Location

Location is everything when it comes to real estate, including the available space in your den. When you add a Sack to your space, naturally you want to have the ideal location for it already picked out. If you haven’t decided on the perfect spot for your Sack, fret not. We have some ideas for you.

If your Sack will act as a sofa, we recommend simply placing it in any space that faces your room’s focal point, like a television or fireplace. In a space without those focal points, we recommend finding an area that won’t block pathways inside the home and ideally faces away from (or rests against) a window.

If you notice that your Sack takes up too much space, you have two primary options: select a smaller Sack or declutter your current living space. After all, you want your bean bag to enhance your space, not crowd it.

Accessorize Smartly

A large bean bag chair is great, but it isn’t everything. The details make the room and tie everything together. So when you’re looking for a blanket or throw pillows to bring it all together, go for one (or more) of our Head Pillows and Comfy Throws. They come in a variety of colors and textures to make the room really pop.



Choose the Right Colors

Colors are everything when it comes to completing a room. And no matter your color scheme, Comfy Sacks has the modern bean bag styles and colors to match. Our Sacks come in a wide range of colors, including stunning shades of:

Don’t Neglect Texture

Finish the look of your home with the right textures. Our Sacks, loungers, ottomans, pillows, and throws are made from a variety of textiles, including micro suede, corduroy, faux fur, and pebbled textures. That’s right: we offer the versatility you need to add some spice to your current home decor. For example, one of our white faux fur bean bag chairs will brighten up a living room that’s populated by mostly muted colors like beige.

Interior Design the Comfy Sacks Way

We offer the style, comfort, and variety you need for living rooms, playrooms, bedrooms, home offices, and dorm rooms. Choose Comfy Sacks and you will choose comfort, durability (backed by a 5-year warranty!), and sophistication. What are you waiting for? Deck out your space with these bean bag living room ideas today.

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